Rockwell Academy: The first of many years.

wooo Fanfic!!!

kick the sticks

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I know its not like me to change ages so they not accurate but 30 year olds in school..


1. Joanna's P.O.V

"you ready?" I asked turning to my best friend, she looked so weird with short hair and boys clothes.

"as I'll ever be" she said straitening out her Red tie, I pulled on my blazer.

"Remember Ryan its Joe now" I said slightly laughing as I opened the door.

"I can't believe this is actually happening, if someone finds out we'll be in so much shit" she walked out of the door pulling a brand new huge green suitcase behind her, I followed her slinging my small old orange duffel bag over my shoulder,

"I know but its going to be so worth it and we will have like all the boys we ever wanted" 

"No.. we can't start just kissing guys, everyone will find out"

"I wasn't going to stop at kissing" I smiled as we got into the back of the black Maybach Landaulet

"Your disgusting... just... make sure they keep it in there pants" she giggled as the car rolled out of the drive way, we laughed and joked until we were out of London and everything suddenly became real, we were going to Rockwell Academy for boys, two girls and a bunch of fit boys, only downside we were posing as Joe and Ryan meaning that well kissing boys wasn't going to happen much.

"Joanna, are you sure this is a good idea, I mean they're going to find out"

"Kathryn how can you question it this is the best music academy this side of the world, its going to be amazing and totally worth it, its only what 3 years" unzipping my duffel bag,

"what if our room mates find out, were sharing with two other boys, they're going to find stuff... like you know" she asked as I pulled out chocolates from my bag, she smiled and I opened the box, we dug into the chocolates and before we knew it there was chocolate everywhere, our faces, our uniforms, dads new car, oh well he had the next two months to get over it.

"he's going to kill us" she laughed as we turned into a tiny gravel track.

"Its fine, you ready?" I said as the car stopped

"no not now were here" we left the car, we walked up some old steps towards some iron gates , there were boys everywhere,

"holy shit, look at all the fit guys" I laughed, she was totally right

"we are acting like total girls" I said smiling, looking around, certain boys catching my eye, three boys sitting under a tree two guitars on their laps, one with frizzy hair, the second was covered in eyeliner, with thick black emo hair both kind of cute, but it didn't hold a candle to the other who looked up and smiled at me giant hazel eyes, I giggled like a 10 year old and Kathryn.. No Ryan, it was Ryan now, slapped me on the back of the head.

"Don't even think about it, it can't happen and we both know it" she looked around and made the same noise,

"what?" I smiled still looking slightly at the boys on guitars

"look" she said even more like a 10 year old than I had, I looked towards where she stared there were four boys two on the bench one on the floor and the other sitting on his stomach.

"Witch one?" I smiled, she had to be looking at the one tapping drumsticks on the bench, his black hair sweeping just above his eyes.

"Brown hair, scruffy tie" she was right he was fit not as fit as the drummer guy.

"really, you just told me not to think about it?" we kept walking pointing out fit guys and trying to avoid fainting when they smiled our way when we finally got inside I immediately noticed their was a boy just stood there looking lonely, he was about 16, nerdy as hell, big geek glasses, short brown hair, his long tie clipped to his neatly tucked shirt his blazer done up on the top button, he was so cute I stopped myself letting out a high pitched scream.

"god, someones a nerd" Kathryn laughed

"oh, shut up!, I'm going to talk to him" I said a huge smile on my face, wiped off completely when I was met by a black eye, how hadn't I noticed that,

"Shit, don't hurt me" he shouted jumping backwards.

"what, no" I laughed stepping back.

"sorry, thought you were someone else" he said stepping forwards slightly, not as close as I would like but then as far as he was aware I was a guy, I didn't move closer.

"so you new here? never seen you around before" he asked smiling,

"yeah, I'm Joe"

"Charlie McDonnell" he said stick out his hand which I shook,

"I'm Ryan, Joe's sister... shit no brother" she stuttered and we all laughed, he had an amazing laugh

"hang on.. Joe and Ryan Leets?" I nodded my head, how did he know us?

"yeah, why?" Ryan asked

"were sharing, me, you two and 2 other kids Phil Lester and this emo kid, Ashley Purdy or something..." he frowned,

"whats so bad about that?"

"there best mates are total bullies, I have only been her a week and I have already got a black eye, 3 wedgies and thrown up blood exactly 11 times and that's only because of them, 3 years of this is going to be hard" he smiled, "lucky you, so wheres our room?" I smiled and he gestured for us to follow him, we walked up 3 flights of stairs and along a corridor.

"567? How many rooms are there in this fucking place?"

"Language asshole" came a voice from behind, I turned I was staring at the bare chest of an 18 year old he had a school blazer hanging loosely on his shoulders, I looked up, he lifted his hand and held my chin, he examined my face, the eyeliner circled thick and black around my eyes,

"It's Joe, dickhead" I smiled

"language, Joe" he said sarcastically, I liked him, he was sexy

"What the fuck are you on?" I laughed pushing his hand away with mine, He smiled,

"what do you play?" he tilted his head slightly

"Bass guitar" I announced,

"Same, I like you, you can hang with my mates if you want, you got the eyeliner for it" we both laughed, he walked over to Kathryn, she wasn't quite so confident, he didn't touch her, just looked her up and down,

"a bit small, what do you play?" he asked her smiling,

"Piano" she said bluntly turning away, Ashley didn't seem to like her

"name?" he asked looking disinterested,

"Ryan" she smiled, almost as if happy at the panicked look she received from Charlie,

"I'll be blunt, I hate you already, just keep your mouth shut and stay away from me and you'll live, sure I'll watch your back for you first year but that's only cos your Joe's brother" he walked towards the door and pushed it open.

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