The Highwaywoman

It’s the 17th century and highwaymen are ruling the streets. But what happens when an orphanage turns to crime and forces children to steal. When Sage a 16 year old highwaywoman falls in love with the man she has to rob, will her heart take the place of her brain?


9. Chapter Nine

Light shone though the window, batheing our bedroom in light. The inside of my eye lids light up with spirals of red, yellow and orange forcing me eyes to open and me hand to cover my face. It had been trimpet in getting me out of bed and dressed today but not Bess. She was in her own deep slumber, curled up into a ball. It seemed that Bess was so tired that she hadn't been bothered to get changed out of her dress. I didn't blame her since it had taken me an hour to change and my dress now layed crumpled in a heep on the floor. Since I had known Bess she had always been a light sleep and this was no exception, before I had time to reach the door, her voice erupted out of her covers.

''Toast. I will have toast with maramalde.'' Then there was a pause. '' Make that two pieces of toast.''

''Anything else ma lady?'' I said in my poshest Britsh accent I could muster. Her head poped out of the cover and she smiled from ear to ear.

I grabbed the door handle and skipped into the corridor, I felt unsually happy, I had decided to forget about last night and live in the present. Actually scratch that I would rather lie in the past. Go back to the day when I first arrived in the orphanage and start my life again because what I saw now was my last day at the orphanage flash before my eyes. People where running around, screamed orders, carring boxes pilled high with different objects. I ran to the top of the stairs and peared down into the even bigger maghed that was unfolding downstairs. There must have been 15 people running in and out of the big wooden double doors at the front of the convered mansion carrying from lamps to musical instruments that I didn't think excised. I ran downstairs and dodged past running people, just managing to get into the kitchen without being run over when Mrs Porter shoved me back out. She looked at me like she wanted to talk to me, but instead let out a sigh that she had evedtly been holding. Her face was as purple as a beetroot and quickly went back to work without an explanation.

''Wait. what's happening?'' She quickly retraced her steps and came to talk to me, but it looked like she was going to give me orders. And I was correct.

''Sorry, you can't be down here. Get back up stairs, wake up Bess, pack and check the boys are doing the same.'' It had seemed that my time was up since she was already running around shouting orders at some poor unfortunate soul who had been in the wrong place at the wrong time. I ran into the corridor and didn't have time to stop before callding with Arrow.

''Sorry. I didn't see you.'' We were now on the floor tangled in a pile.

''It's ok. This was bound to happen, with everyone running around.''

''But why?'' I said as he helped me into a standing position, this had been the question that was burning inside of me.

''Well, everyones packing. We got word this morning that they were onto us.'' He said as he stirred me out of the caos. ''Mr and Mrs                have already abounded us, left in the early hours of the morning with the money and stolen goods. They own this orphanage they should go down with the ship, not leave us to sought out there mess.'' I had nothing to say I was speechless, they had left us. It was like I been abanded again for the second time in my life.

''They can't just do that.'' Before he had time to answer I had taken to the stairs. Two at a time, making Arrow run to keep up with me. I flung the door open with such force that it could have blown it of the hinges. Scaring Bess in the process.


''I'm not leaving.'' By now Bess and Arrow had faced the truth that they where going to leave and had started to pack.

''Well if your not leaving you could at least help us pack.'' Bess said as she pulled a trunk from underneath the bed.

''Yeah. I could really do with an extra hand,'' Arrow shouted though the wall.

''I'm not leaving.'' Saying it more forcefully then I had intended and quietening Bess and Arrow.

Bess had already finished packing by lunch and had started on my side of the room.

''No. Don't. I'm not leaving.'' Bess seeming like she hadn't heard a word and continued. I jumped up of the floor, where I had been siting for the past hour and went and stood beside her.

''Thank goodness. I thought you would never...'' But before she could finish her sentence I had started to unpack the trunk.

''Your really not going to let this go are you.'' I turned to her and smiled.

''Not a chance.'' Afternoon was drawing ever closer and I still hadn't done anything useful or productive that involved packing. But Bess was still intent on getting me to pack but no succeeding.

''I give up. Why can't you just give into the fact that your leaving. That were leaving.'' Bess screamed at me and fled from the scene by slapping the door, making the house creak and sway.

She was right we were all leaving and all I had been thinking about was myself. Bess probably doesn't want to leave either. I wanted to run after her and apologise but decided that packing should be done first. I had just starting packing (throwing) random pieces of folded clothes into the trunk when a knock came at the door, followed by a voice.

''Is it safe to come in.'' That had probably been the first thing that had made me smile (properly).

''Yes you can come in. The war is over.'' The door creaked opened and a mass of messing brown hair popped around the door attached to a face, a face that I new so well and I didn't think I could handle not seeing it everyday.

''Good. I was scared that I would have had to intervene.''

''You intervene.'' I shock my head in the yeah right shack.

''So how's the packing going?''

''How do you think?''

''Well I think you need some help.'' He walked over to the trunk and started placing objects inside.

I felt like I had been standing in the same place for hours, as still as a statue only my eyes and arms moving in unision. Once the worst of the packing of it was over we gathered up the end of our conversation.

''So where are you going?''

''What?'' I tilted my head to the side curious of what he was talking about.

''Where have you been assigned? What place? What house? Which family? They pinned a list on the door of the kitchen. Every child that hasn't been adopted goes to a family the orphanage has arranged.''

''What? Where are you going? Where am I going? Wait, I'm not going to a family I don't know.''

''Wait. Are you going to rant on again about not wanting to leave because I can easily go.''

''Ha ha. Come on lets check where I'm going to go.'' Without another word I grab him by the hand and pulled him out of the door. The noise downstairs had subsided and had been replaced by the small chatter of people. Even though the packing had finished the front doors where still open showing the boxes that where pilled high outside. As we drew closer to the kitchen door I gripped Arrows had tighter needing some support as I scanned the list.

''S, S, Sally, Sam, Simon, Sage.'' I muttered under my breath.

''_________________________, what?'' Arrow read out loud. I scanned the list again this time looking for Arrows new address.

''Where miles from each other. Maybe you could trade with someone or...'' But he cut me of.

''Or what? Run away together in the dead of night, creep though the village and escape into the dark. Set up shop in a town far away and live happily ever after.'' Even though I new he was joking I was seriously considering doing it, I had nothing to loss, nothing to leave behind. But sadly and once again he was right at the end of the day it would still be the same, my suggestions didn't improve anything.

''Or?'' I said to myself pondering the question it was no use I was just wasting time. So instead I moved towards Arrow layed my head on his chest and listened to his heart. For once it was peaceful, quiet almost. But I new that it wouldn't last long and I was right too soon the noise was back to its loudest and orders where being shouted.

''Now all the children listen.'' Mrs Porter had cupped her hands around her mouth and had all eyes on her. '' Go to your rooms bring you trunks downstairs and put them outside. In separate piles, make sure that nothing has been left behind this place needs to look like it hasn't been touched. Then I will check, now hop to it.'' Without another word we all departed and marched up stairs. I scanned the crowd and found Bess lingering at the back, I slowed my pace and fell into step beside her.

''I'm sorry. You were right, I was being selfish, I know its hard for us all and I was just thinking about myself.'' She turned her head away from me like she hadn't heard. I repeatly tapped her on the shoulder, needing her to talk to me, we couldn't part angry at each other. She spund round to face me and  I closed my eyes thinking that she was going to give me another lecture which I could do without, when she wrapped her arms around.


''All ways,'' she replied.







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