The Highwaywoman

It’s the 17th century and highwaymen are ruling the streets. But what happens when an orphanage turns to crime and forces children to steal. When Sage a 16 year old highwaywoman falls in love with the man she has to rob, will her heart take the place of her brain?


4. Chapter Four

Obviously he didn’t feel the same way about me because the first words he spoke where ''Scum get out of my carriage.''

But maybe that’s not the real him, maybe he’s sweat kind and considerate, get a grip his a slimy rich guy who doesn’t care about anyone but himself and on top of that he’s addressing a lady in a very poor manner. Well I did just break into his carriage and do mean to steal all his belongings he has the right to have poor manners; it’s your job to steal so get on and do it. No, I don’t want to steal from such a nice looking guy, don’t make me. I have no idea how long I was out in my own little world; arguing with myself (its hard having a brain that sees the good and bad in everyone), but I needed to get on with the job. I had to kill five minutes and make sure they didn’t call for help. So I sat down on the plush fur seats, opposite my opponent’s and kept eye contact with the Duke until he could take it no more.

‘’Get out, get out of my carriage and while you’re at it tell the driver to get a move on.’’ He said in a rather posh and snobby voice, he also wasn’t that smart. Did he just think that I had entered into the wrong carriage?

‘’Don’t feel like it, it’s warm and cosy in here. Much better than it is outside.’’ I let a small smile escape across my lips and then set it back to unreadable. By know the shy blonde had come out of her hiding place, her eyes were smudged and her expression confused.

‘’So if you’re not going to get out, then why are you here?’’ She seemed quite pleased with herself for coming up with this brilliant deduction; I swear they really haven’t got a clue. By now most of the victims would be pleading for freedom. I had no come back for that answer and we sat in silence. You could tell the Duke was trying to find a way out and didn’t want to call for help, because his next move was stupid, interesting and confusing. Because he shifted positions, closer to the door that was next to the girl, she thought for protection but he just nudged her off. Both of his feet where planted firmly on the ground, ready for a run. In one quick movement he lunged towards the door, me being two steps ahead of him slipped in front of the door first. His body towering over me, our eyes locked for the second time tonight, his expression of angry ceased off his face and a comforting smile came across it. This moment would have been perfect if not for the blonde sitting on the seat a few metres away, seeming she didn’t want to be left out she snatched the gun from my left hand and kicked the other out of my right hand. The Duke straightened up and went to stand next to the girl, in a fail attempt to get her to release the guns.

‘’Come on, you don’t need to hurt her. You don’t even know why she came in.’’ He had switched his snobby voice for a gentle and soft voice. This didn’t help but just fuelled her angry.

‘’I know why she’s here. She thought we wouldn’t find out. She’s a highwayman.’’ She said this almost spitting the words out.

‘’Woman, highwaywoman,’’ A smile spread across my face, in this quite serious moment. But I wasn’t worried, we NEVER loaded the guns. I was safe.

‘’You are. How come you didn’t tell us,’’ the Duke saying this sounded very weird, like we had met before, which was impossible. Seeing the surprised faces, from me and the blonde, he quickly rephrased himself.

‘’How come we didn’t figure this out earlier,’’ well it was an improvement from the earlier statement.

‘’You don’t want to kill, do you?’’ he was now looking into the face of the blonde and was trying to ease the guns out of her hands. Tears started too stream out of her eyes and slowly her fingers released the guns and they fell. But not before one let out a spray of bullets. Most went into the carriage floor but one happened to divert from its original target and aim for me. I smacked the floor, rolled to the right and the bullet barely missed my head, it hit the door and disappeared from sight. Relief swept through the carriage but that didn’t last long before we heard the ears spitting scream that followed. Before I knew what had happened the door flew opened, I was pulled from the heat into the cold night.

I couldn’t see much, from the light inside the carriage to complete darkness, my eyes took time to adjust, but once taking in the scene I wanted to close my eyes forever. Three figures where sprawled out on the ground. Two unconscious drivers and one bloody Arrow; he was holding his leg and biting back the urge to scream. Before I knew what had happened, Flynn was helping Arrow to his feet and putting him on to a horse with Bess. They spoke in hushed voices and then he sent them on their way. He ran back to me sweat falling of his forward head, he steered me towards Tonto and instead of telling me, he told my horse to take me back. I felt kind of insulted that he didn’t trust me to get me home. I couldn’t blame him though, I was in no fit state to even ride, let alone navigate.

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