The Highwaywoman

It’s the 17th century and highwaymen are ruling the streets. But what happens when an orphanage turns to crime and forces children to steal. When Sage a 16 year old highwaywoman falls in love with the man she has to rob, will her heart take the place of her brain?


8. Chapter Eight

As my feet hit the ground harder with every step, I turned around to see William running after me. The maze was giant, I had to make sure that I didn't take a wrong turn or I'd be trapped. That was easer said then down, right then I ran straight into a dead end. I could hear him gaining on me, trying to find me. There was no way out. I had to face the fact that he loved me, or did I? I could climb and pretty well. I shoved my foot into the hedge, making that my first foot hold, then started to climb. He had just rounded the corner the minute I had reached the top.


''Don't. Just don't.'' In that second I could see the pain on his face, but the next minute he was gone, I was gone.

My feet hit the ground, sending pain up my legs but I didn't stubble I stood tall. I looked behind me expecting to see him instead I was alone. I didn't know where to go, I lent against the hedge was he still there? Waiting behind the hedge for me? I turned around and perded though the leaves. Our eyes met, I new it would be the last time I saw those eyes and just stared at them and then I turned and walked away.

The closer I walked to the hall the more noise I could hear. Laughing, talking, enjoy the night. My foot touch the open door, my dress swaying around me and that was when I saw that I was covered up to my knees in mud. I couldn't show my face in that hall looking dirty and scruffy. I hide in the darkness outside of the door. I started by tearing the bottom of my dress of so no mud was visible. With the piece of fabric in my hand I started to wip my lower legs clear of mud and then my shoes. Having cleared all the mud of I chucked the used piece of fabric over my shoulder and made my way back though the opened door. It all seemed quiet inside like I had gone deaf, I turned to the people beside me there gaze glued to a mysterious figure somewhere in the hall. I followed there gaze and found the culprit standing at the top of the stairs holding a glass of golden cider, and flanked on either side him by an older man and women; most probably his parents. His face was turned away from the crowd to the right and it seemed that he was in deep conversation with the man. When he turned back I saw his face, the face that I thought I would never see again, the face I had half prayed would never look at me. Without hesitation he jumped right into the speech.

''Ladies and Gentlemen thank you for doing me the honour of coming to my ball tonight. I am still indecisive of who I will marry but I have met some lovely lady that could do me the honour.'' He took a pause, then continued. By know I had zoned out and was just trying to talk in the last of this night. The good, the bad, but it had all happened tonight and I never wanted to forget it.

''Once again I thank all of you for coming. Goodnight.'' Every clapped and raised a glass to his speech. Having nothing to raise up, I turned towards the table behind me and held a glass up. Right then are eyes met and in that moment I felt like it was just me and him in the room. I nodded my head at him and raised my glass.

Then the room came alive again, my cheeks flushed red. I didn't know why I was so embarrassed know one was even looking at me. He had turned away and his attention was back with the man. I searched around the crowd that was slowly decreasing looking for Bess. I found her standing alone in the corner, her head moving around wildly. I quickly and corsesly weaved my way though the remaining guests and grabbed her by the hand and pulled her up the stairs. By now William had jogged down the stairs the other side and was pearing around the half empty hall. I new he was looking for me, but he was interrupted by the rush of young ladies to his side congratulating him on his fantastic ball.

Bess and I had made it to the giant doors that I had welcomed us in, nothing had changed. Well what was I expecting that the doors would have change in a night, it just seemed like my life had changed so rappedly that  I half expected everything else to change with it. I took the steps two at a time making it to flat ground before Bess had got out of the door, it didn't really matter anyway we still had to wait for the carriage to come. Bess turned to me excitement bloming in her eyes.

''So how brilliant was that?'' She half turned her head back to the hall, indicating the topic. I tried not to act to disappointed or sad when I answered.

''It was the best night of my life.'' It wasn't that the night was disappointing it was just not what I thought it would be. When the carriage pulled up it cut of our conversation. Bess hurried into the carriage, as I balanced my foot on the bottom step my hand on the tip of the roof, I turned to catch a glimpse of the hall. I did a slit bob at the building, more to the person inside the building, but to me it meant the same.

The journey on the way back was quiet, Bess had fallen asleep on my shoulder. I don't know if she new it but she dribbled a little. The house was engulfed in darkness when the carriage pulled up to the house, the door opened up, shedding light on the gravel drive way. Out stepped the boys, they both looked much better and clean then when we left them. I stepped out the carriage just as Flynn draw up to me.

''She fell asleep on the ride home.'' I stated.

''Ok. I'll go and get her.'' And before I had time to answer he shot past me and into the carriage, emerging a second later with Bess in his arms.

By the time Flynn had carried Bess out Arrow was still abeling along the gravel path as fast as he could. I speed up closing the gap between us and chucked myself into his arms, he nearly tumbled over from the force. Steading himself he held me in his arms, swaying me from left to right.

''You promised me that dance.'' I looked up into his face.

''Promised? I don't remember promising you anything. But.......'' Before I had even finished my sentence, he was already swinging me into a dance the fox trot, waltz. I had now idea but just went along. He seemed generally happy to be dancing with me but my heart wasn't in it. I felt guilty for dancing with William so I played along laughing when he said something funny, blushing when he talked about me. Anyone watching us would have thought, young love how free. But all I felt was how trapped I was between two men that loved me. Once the dance had ended I retired as quickly as I could to my room, playing the tired card. I wasn't lying I was tired but there was another reason why I had left and it was purely because I was confused. About life, death, love, loss, people, everything.


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