IT all started with the X-Factor

this I a one direction fan fiction. this my first story


1. 1

Olivia’s point of view

It is the day of my audition for the X-Factor I am so terrified at what Simon Cowell will say. After breakfast I got ready and off I went.



Harry’s point of view

As I am eating my breakfast I have forgotten what the day was Intel my mum comes out and said “my baby boy is so brave that he is going for his first audition are you exited” “wait what audition” I was so surprised that she answered “you know the X-Factor one” I screamed “yes” at the top of my lungs and ran to get ready and then off we went.


Olivia’s point of view

I was really here my dream was coming true all I have wanted to do was to come here and do want I love to do sing.I tort to myself. So I walk in the big signing in room and I walk into this cute, blue eyed boy he said “are you ok I did not see you there and hi my name is Harry Styles and this is my mum Anne” I replied “hi Harry and Anne I am ok oh and my name is Olivia Grace”s

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