The Christmas I Felt Loved

Red never has a christmas in her town, she always goes with her family to their holiday house (which feels more like home than their house in Holmes Chapel). They share their holiday house with Harry and his mum, Anne. Reds mum, Lucina, has shared this house with Anne for about 17 years. What will happen when Anne and Lucina give the house to Red and Harry? Will they fall in love, or will they fight for who gets to keep the house?


1. The Ponds

I was sitting down in the snow covered grass, in the clearing of the forest. Christmas tommorow, and I was not going to have a very good time. This clearing was mine and Harrys place, an area of our own. I only come here when I'm sad or when Harry invites me with him. I stare a the pnd in front of me, it isn't frozen over, but tommorow it probably will be. The pond is so still, like glass almost. I go closer and look at my reflection. A tear escapes my eye and drops into the water, causing it to ripple. I sit back and stare over, across the pond, just as someone sits down next to me.

"Why are yo out here?" Harry asks.

"Just thinking." I reply

"Thinking? About what?" He says again.

"Just something stupid." I tell him trying not to sound like I've just cried.

"It wouldn't be something stupid if you've come all the way out here just to think about it, surely." He says, trying to mae me tell him.

I stand up, so does he.

"Well it might not be stupid, but it definately isn't any of your concern." I say and walk out of the clearing and further into the woods.


I walked to my next favourite spot, I'm the only one that knows where it is. When I arrive I sit down and let the water pur over my hand. It was a small waterfall, just a bit taller than me. The water fell into a pond, and surrounding the pnd was a heap of snow-covered grass, that was usually green. above the pond, was the top of the waterfall, a small river, that also had green grass surrounding it. Although, no one could see the waterfall because there were too many trees. I climbed to the top, so I could look down at the falling water, but when I did I saw Harry standing next to the small pond, watching the waterfall in aw.

"How did you find this place?" He asked.

"A few years back I was wondering away from our place and found it. But why should you care?" I say, still angry at him.

"I'm sorry for whatever I did, okay? What did I even do, anyways?" He asks.

I couldn't tell him. That would make the last few years a total waste.

That would mean, I hid myself from him, for nothing.

I couldn't tell him now. And plus, he has a girlfriend.

"Nothing, just forget it." I say trying to drop the subject. I really don't want to talk to him over something he said.

He asked me who had a crush on him, and I do, but, I didn't tell him. I asked him why, and he said he was going to hang shit on her, and make her life hell.

I couldn't tell him.

"I'm not going to 'forget it' because you are my best friend and I am not going to forget my best friend." He said.

"I'm sorry," I said, close to tears. "But I can't tell you." I finish.

He stood still, as if he was thnking of what to say next.

"But... why not?" He asked.

"Because, if I tell you... bad things will happen." I say, crying now.

"But if you tell me, then I will be able to help you through it." That boy, so persistent.

"Harry, you have to understand that you can't help me win every battle, I have to do some on my own you know!" I yell, still crying, but also, losing my temper.

In my head I screamed,

'You can't help me with something your going to cause!'

But, I must've screamed it aloud because when I look at Harry again, he looks shocked.

"It's... you." He said, dazed.

"No-" I say, bawling.

"You have a-" He started.

"No Harry-" I stumble over my words.

"Your the one, who has a crush on me." He finaly figured it out.

"You happy now? Are you happy about digging, deep into my personal life? Are you happy that I hid this from you, for three years, just because of something you said!" I yell through my tears.

He looks at me, with pure shock, walks backwards, then turns around, and runs.

"Great friend you are..." I say to myself, and start bawling again.

He must've heard, because he stopped, turned around and started walking towards me. He walks around the pond, and up the hill, leading to the river.

And then when he is right up in my face he says,

"I may have a grlfriend, but I have a crush on you too." He says.

The next thing I know, his lips crashed onto mine.



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