The quincenera queen/ one direction fanfic:

Jessica Parker is 14 she is about to be 15 next month. She is Mexican. She lives in America. She wants to have a quincenera. Her mom said to travel to Mexico and make it there. The thing Jessica wants best is for one direction to come to her party. Her mom and dad can't Afford it. They cost way much more to come to the party. Jessica is going to be sad. I can't tell all of the story, so find out in the quincenera queen/ one direction fanfic.....


1. Chapter 1:

Jessica's POV:

"PLEASSE mom "I begged. " I already said NO" my mom said back. " but I really want to have my quincenera you're not really going to make me beg aren't you right??" I told her making her a puppy dog face. " fine well make you're party we have to do allot of arrangements " she said. " we're do you want to make you're party" she said. " in Mexico please. " more money god honey fine " she said " yay" I screamed. I hugged my mom and ran upstairs to my room. 

Let me tell you some stuff about myself. I'm 14 I will be 15 next month as you can see I want a quincenera.. A quincenera is a Mexican tradition were you make a big 15 party. I have long light brown hair it has a bit of blonde in the collrohair. I have a older step brother named Miguel. I have a newborn sister named Michelle. I know kinda the same name. I have a 5 year old twin sisters, Miranda and saige.  I also have a older step brother named ramen. This is me

I started to go to stores with quincenera dresses until I found the perfect one. I did.. I found the perfect dress. I tried it on. My mom said that shell buy it. Yay my dress i am having my quincnera...

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