Love at First Sight

Jade moves to Holmes Chapel and she makes many friend. One is special though, Niall Horan. When they fall in love, does it work out?


50. The Twitcam

                           Jade's POV

I yanked my underwear up and out my sweatshirt over my head. "I love you! Gotta go!" I said and hung up the Skype call. "Guys, I can explain. Well, you see, Niall-" I was cut off.

"We don't want to hear. We heard it all." Leigh Anne smirked. They think this is funny. Why are they laughing? This is bloody embarrassing.

"Guys, please. Just drop it." I begged.

"Yeah, we'll drop it. You call him back and pretend to ride him." Jesy burst into laughter again, along with Leigh and Perrie.

I groaned and went to my suitcase to and grabbed a pair of sweats. I also put on a bra and put my sweatshirt back on. "Mummy?" Karleigh stirred from her sleep.

"What baby?" I asked and walked over to pick her up.

"Where are we going now?" she asked.

"We're going to Boston." I smiled.

"Did you tell the fans yet?" she asked. She loved being in the twitcams we do before we go to a new state.

"Nope. But maybe we can if you go ask your Aunts." I smiled and put her down. She came running back.

"They said to teek it." she excitedly yelled.

"What's teek?" I asked.

"On twitter." she explained. Tweet.

"Oh. Okay." I kissed her head and brushed her hair. I tweeted it and went into the main area with my laptop.

20 minutes later we started it. "We are coming to Boston!" we all yelled when it started.

"We can't wait to see our Boston mixers!" Pez added. "Girls should we answer twitter questions?" she asked us.

"Yes! And call someone!" Karleigh screeched.

"Anything for my babygirl!" Leigh Anne tickled her and kissed her all over her face.

"No my babygirl" Jesy fussed, tickling her also.

"She's obviously mine." Perrie stated, grabbing her from their grasps and pulling her into her lap. I smiled. I love how they love her like she's their own. I looked over at them and Leigh Anne and Jesy had their pouty lips out.

"Stop griping and answer some questions!" I laughed.

'Why is Karleigh so cute?' I read aloud. I answered with, "I don't know. Her daddy I guess!"

"That's pretty obvious Jade's not cute!" Jesy called playfully. From the comments we figured out you couldn't see Leigh or Jesy. Perrie and I sat on the floor so you could see all of us.

"Thank you!" Karleigh called.

'Awww. Make her talk more!" a comment read. I pulled her into my lap.

"Karleigh is there anything you love more than mummy?" I smiled knowing her answer would be no.

"Yes." she giggled.

"What?" I said dumbfounded.

"My Aunties." she laughed more. I gasped playfully and the girls cheered and applauded.

"But you're always supposed to love your mam the most." I explained.

"But I don't!" She giggled. I sighed.

After answering two hours worth of question and doing our favorite accents, we were ready for bed. "I tired." Karleigh whined, rubbing her eyes.

"Ok. You can go to bed. I'll be there in a few minutes. We have to call one of our lovely fans, then I'll come." I said and kissed her head.

"But, mummyyyy. I don't wanna. I comfy." she groaned.

"Fine stay right here." I said and picked up my phone. "Okay all of you watching, send in your numbers and we are going to call one of you!" I waved my phone.

"Ohhh, this one. It's similar to Zayn's!" Perrie said and typed the number on my phone.

"Hello?" a voice answered.

"Hi we're Little Mix!" we shouted.

"What? Oh my God. Really? Oh." she exclaimed.

"What's you're name?'' we asked.

"Lillian Fitzgerald." she answered.

"We'll be sure to call you again tomorrow. Karleigh is almost asleep. Goodbye and goodnight."

"You're really going to call me tomorrow?" she said in disbelief.

"Of course love!" Leigh Anne chimed.

"Ok. Goodnight. I love you all so much." she sounded like she was going to cry. Awweh.

"We love you too!" we said and hung up. I took Karleigh to bed and all of us went to sleep.

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