Love at First Sight

Jade moves to Holmes Chapel and she makes many friend. One is special though, Niall Horan. When they fall in love, does it work out?


43. The Ring

                  Niall's POV

I woke up cradling Jade in my arms. I kissed her head and jumped out of bed. I ran into the shower and washed my hair. Once I was ready, Jade was still sleeping. I dressed my pumpkin and wrote Jade a note, saying I was out and had Karleigh. I dashed to the car and called the jewelry store. "Hello, Kay's Jewelry Store. How may I help you?" the cashier answered.

"Hello, this is Niall Horan, can I reserve the store for about an hour, please?" I asked.

"Uh, sure! What time?" she questioned.

"As soon as possible." I requested.

"Um. I have one customer at the moment, but I can close up after." she replied.

"Perfect, I'm on my way." I cheered.

"Ok, thank you!" she hung up. I was there in fifteen minutes and when I arrived the store was closed. I walked over with Karleigh and knocked. Lindsey appeared and opened the door.   "Hello, Niall!" she embraced me. I hugged back.

"You work here?" I asked.

"I just got the job today!" she exclaimed.

"Well, I'm buying a promise ring for Jade." I explained.

"Aweh! How sweet!" she exclaimed. I was looking around and I saw the perfect one. It was vintage and had flower print designs on the side and a diamond in the middle. (pic below)

"Can I see that one?" I asked pointing to it.

"Yep." she said pulling it out.

"What do you think, pumpkin?" I asked a fully awake Karleigh. She giggled. "This one it is." I smiled handing it to her. She placed a new one in the ring box and bagged it up. "Thanks." I smiled. When I arrived home Jade was still asleep. I smiled to myself and laid next to her. I pecked her lips repeatedly. She groaned.

"Babe, what's I tell you about that." she whined. I pressed my lips to hers and help them there. She kissed back. But it wasn't a making out kiss, like usual. She was pecking my lips repeatedly.

"What are you doing?" I asked between kisses.

"Paying. Back. For. What. I. Missed." she said with a peck between each word. She opened her eyes and stared into my eyes. "I love you so much." she mumbled, her lips still against mine.

"I love you more." I mumbled kissing her again. I smiled and pulled away. I pulled Karleigh from her seat and she started screaming. "Shh. Are you hungry?" I asked.

"Of course she is, she's just like you.' she giggled. I handed Karleigh to her and she lifted her shirt. Karleigh immediately latched on. Jade winced as she fed. I ran to her side and soothed her.

"Our first concert is tonight!" Louis shouted running into the room. Jade screamed and covered herself.

"Oh my god! Louis!" I shouted. Jade gasped again. "Are you okay?" I turned to her.

"Yes she just got a good grip." she sighed. Louis had disappeared into a different room.

"Are you going to be okay? I need to go talk to the boys, but I can wait if you need me too." I looked at her.

"I'm fine. Go." she shooed me away. I walked out of the room with my hands in my jacket pockets. I played with the small velvet box in my pocket and smiled. After talking to the boys, I found out the concert was at 6. It was four already, so we headed out. Once at the arena we into the dressing rooms and changed. I felt as if I was being watched. I turned and saw Jade staring at me. She was biting half of her bottom lip. She looked hot as hell. I smirked and put on my shirt. She frowned .and kissed me. "Good luck baby." she whispered and pecked my lips.

"Thank you." I smiled. She turned to walk away and I pinched her bum.

"Cheeky little boy!" she cheered. I slid on my leather jacket and touched the ring box in my pocket.

~~2 hours later~~

The concert is now coming to an end and we are answering twitter questions. "@Niallofficial Do you have your daughter with you tonight?" I read aloud.

"Actually I do. I have my lovely girlfriend here too. Would you guys like to meet them?" I yelled. The crowed roared excitedly. "Babe! Come on out! Bring pumpkin!" I yelled into the hall. She appeared in the hall.

"What? No!" she whisper yelled.

"Come on, they're really looking forward to it." I called back. She walked onto stage and stood next to me and held Karleigh close. "This is my lovely daughter Karleigh and my beautiful girlfriend Jade." I said and kissed both of their heads. "And now, Jade." I started. The room was silent. Zayn took Karleigh from Jade's hands. "I love you more than words can explain. I can't wait for the future I'm determined to have with you. I want to be waiting at the alter for you when you walk down the aisle. So, will you please, accept this promise ring?" I got down on one knee and presented it to her. "I promise you, Jade Amelia Thirlwall, that you will become Jade Amelia Horan one day. And that if something happens to us I won't ever quit fighting for you. I will always love and care for you. Please accept it.'' I pulled the ring from the box and slid it onto her ring finger. She smashed her lips to mine and we kissed passionately infront of thousands of people. It felt just right. I pulled away.

"Yes. I accept this ring." she pecked my lips again. "I love you, but  I have to go. Good luck on the rest of your show." she said and walked away.

"Bye! I love you too. Bye Karleigh." I said and kissed both of their heads.

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