Love at First Sight

Jade moves to Holmes Chapel and she makes many friend. One is special though, Niall Horan. When they fall in love, does it work out?


26. The girls reactions

                   Jade's POV

I sat and stared waiting for their reaction. "Uh. Wow. Um. Congrats... I guess." Leigh Anne stated trying to sound cheerful but failing.

"Leigh, please don't try and pretend that your are excited and stuff. Just be honest. It won't hurt me." I told her looking into her eyes.

"I guess I'm just disappointed. That's all." she said looking down.

"Disappointed, I understand." I told her. "Please just don't let this ruin our friendship." I said trying not to tear up.

"Never." she screamed squeezing me tightly.

"Be careful!" Perrie yelled protectively. Jesy still hadn't said a word.

"You okay?" I asked taking her hand.

"Yeah! Of course." she squealed excitedly.

"You aren't talking much." I said curiously.

"I was so shocked but now, I couldn't be happier, as long as your okay and ready for this." she responded.

"I don't think I'm ready, but Niall surely thinks I am." I told them truthfully.

"You'll be a great mom, Jade. Don't worry." Leigh Anne said smiling.

"And we all we be here every step of the way." Perrie added.

"Thanks, guys." I said wrapping them in a group hug.

"While we are having our little moment of honest I have something to confess." Leigh whispered.

"You can tell us anything." I replied.

"Well as you know I was having a hard time after my break up with Jordan and Liam was having a hard time after Dani... and now Liam and I have a date tomorrow night." she sighed smiling.

"Thanks great!" we shouted in in sync.


Sorry for the really short chapter but I swear I will update again after I clean my room!

Thanks for reading!


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