Love at First Sight

Jade moves to Holmes Chapel and she makes many friend. One is special though, Niall Horan. When they fall in love, does it work out?


25. Telling them and first song

           Jade's POV

When I saw all paparazzi around my house I was awestruck. I mean they were all here because Niall was seen at a hospital? Maybe that's because they see Niall as the next big popstar and I see him as the love of my life. "Ni?" I asked.

"Yeah?" he sounded awestruck too.

"How are going to get through them?" I asked. I was scared. What if they found out why we were there?

"We will them that a friend of yours works in there and we stopped by to see her." he reassured me.

"Sounds good." I said as opened the door. Niall came and grabbed my hand. He started leading me through the crowd and we were bombarded with questions like "Are you both okay?" "Why were y'all at the hospital?" When we reached the door I called out, "We are both fine and we were at the hospital visiting a friend who works there." We then opened the door and went inside.

"So you ready to explain?" Zayn asked. I looked at Niall with tear filled eyes. He nodded.

"Perrie, come here please." I called.

"Yeah?" she asked as she entered the living room.

"Do you want to know why we were at the hospital?" Niall asked her.

"Of course!" she said as she sat and cuddled up to Zayn.

"I- I- I'm." I started to cry. I handed them a picture of the ultrasound. "It's a girl." I smiled and wiped away my tears.

"C- C- Congrats." Perrie stuttered shocked.

"Y- Yeah, congrats." Zayn mumbled.

"Zayn did you call Simon about the song?" Niall asked.

"Yeah he said to come on by anytime today." Zayn replied.

"Shoud we go now so I can tell the rest of the boys?" he asked looking at me.

"Uh. Sure." Zayn replied.

"Yeah go ahead." I said and handed him a ultrasound picture. Zayn ran to Perrie's room to get ready. Niall went into the kitchen, leaving me and Perrie alone. Perrie looked pissed.

"I'm sorry." I told her as I started to cry again.

"I'm not mad." she said but she didn't look at me.

"Yes, you are. You know you don't have to pretend with me." I said and looked at her.

"I know that. I'm not mad. Just upset." she said and looked at me.

"I understand, but please don't just let us drift apart because of my mistake." I cried.

"Don't talk like that. I wouldn't give up our friendship for the world, but don't you dare call my soon to be niece a mistake just because you want to stay my friend because you have nothing to worry about. You'll never lose me." she whispered.

"Thank you." I said and hugged her tightly. She pulled away and wiped my tears. "Let's go tell the other girls." she said getting up and kissing my forehead.

"Okay." I said getting up and going into the kitchen to find Niall. "Hey babe, me and Perrie are going to go and tell Leigh Anne and Jesy." I said kissing his lips.

"Bye. Love you." he called to me.

"Bye. Love you too." I said and went with Perrie up to the next floor of the building and got Leigh Anne.

"Let's go get Jesy." Perrie said and walked toward the next door.

"Let me do it." I whined and went to knock.

"You don't have to knock it's just Jesy." Leigh said. I opened the door and saw Jesy and Harry in the middle of a full blown make-out session on her couch. I cleared my throat. Harry pulled away slowly. Jesy however, yanked away and started blushing like shit.

"Uh. I'm going to go now." Harry chuckled and kissed her again. "I love you." he told her.

"Love you too." she whispered but we all heard her. He walked past us and out of the door.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!?!?!? Perrie screamed as she slammed the door.

"Nothing." Jesy mumbled as she blushed again.

"It looked like nothing..." Leigh Anne added.

"When did this happen?" I asked looking at her.

"Uh. Um. 3 days before the X-Factor." she smiled.

"Why didn't you tell us?" we all squealed.

"Well I know that Perrie and Leigh don't particularly like him." she stated glaring at them.

"If he makes you happy, we're happy." Perrie said and hugged her.

"But if he hurts you..." Leigh Anne started.

"He's not like that." Jesy cut her off.

"Anyway the whole reason we are over here is because Jade has big news." Perrie stated.

"Yeah. I do. Um. I don't know how to say it so I'm just going straight to the point. Guys, I'm pregnant." I said and handed them the pictures. "It's a girl."

                 Niall's POV

While we are gone I'm going to tell the boys and Simon. We finally arrived and got into Simon's office and Simon greeted us with Nando's. I love him already. We recorded our new single "What Makes You Beautiful" and it sounded great! I'm gonna tell them now. "Uh. Guys, can I talk to you?" I asked nervously.

"Of course!" they yelled.

"I'm going to be a father of a baby girl soon." I told them and gave them a picture.

"Congratulations!" I heard them all say except Zayn who just smiled and nodded.

"She can call he Uncle Si!" Simon screamed.

"I can't wait!" I said honestly.






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