Love at First Sight

Jade moves to Holmes Chapel and she makes many friend. One is special though, Niall Horan. When they fall in love, does it work out?


40. Shit

                                   Jade's POV

"Well, I was in 7th grade. And I was every ones friend. I had no enemies. Then, one day when I got to school someone told me a rumor that she heard from someone else. By lunchtime that day, everyone hated me. And so many rumors where going around. At first I ignored it. Then, my friends turned their backs on me and I started cutting. Only at my hips, so they couldn't see how much they hurt me. They started physically abusing me too. And the cutting got worse. In grade 10 I moved schools and was normal again. I haven't cut since. Well, except for when I found out I was pregnant." I explained.

"What were the rumors?" Niall asked quietly.

"I would ask 'Can I sit with you?' and they'd say, 'No because you're a slut.', but the first rumor was that I." I shut my eyes tightly. "That I had a threesome with a guy named, Hayden and.'' I stopped.

"It's okay, baby. I've got you." he whispered, cuddling me close.

"And Joey.'' I started to cry.

"It's okay. It's not true." he stroked my head.

"And the second was that, I'd have a baby before I was out of high-school. And look at me now, I do." I sobbed.

"Baby, you are a perfect mother for our baby. Yes, you had her at a young age, but you are still absolutely perfect. I love you." he kissed my lips slowly. I kissed back passionately. I pulled away and laid my head on his chest. We fell asleep slowly. I awoke the next morning exactly where I fell asleep.

"Babe? Did you get up with Karleigh last night?" I asked.

"Mhhh. No" he mumbled.

"She slept all night!" I squealed.

"That's amazing!" he said and got up. I followed him and we ended up in Karleigh's room. I peeked over the edge of her crib and saw nothing there. I raced downstairs and thankfully saw Perrie holding her close and talking to her quietly.

"Holy shit. That fucking scared the crap out of me." I said and ran to Perrie's side.

"What did?" Perrie asked.

"Walking to my baby's crib and seeing her missing!" I screeched.

"I snuck the baby monitors out of your room, so I could experience for a night. I should've asked! I'm sorry!" she said.

"It's okay." I sighed.

"Can I talk to you?" Niall asked, sounding irritated.

"Sure." I followed him.

"Something major like that happens, and you don't concern or even try to cope with me?" he whisper yelled.

"I was trying to find her!" I raised my voice.

"Yeah! Without me!" he shouted.

"Niall! Just shut up! I was concerned about my baby!" I screamed. He ran upstairs and slammed the door. I ran after him and realized he was in the bathroom. I grabbed a bag and stuffed it with needed things. Then, I ran and packed Karleigh a huge bag of clothes, bottles, pacifiers, toys, diapers, wipes, and other baby things. I ran and placed them in the car. I ran back inside. "Perrie, can I have her?" I said holding out my hands.

"Not if you're going to leave with her." she said.

"I swear, I'll be back, just need time to cool off." I replied quietly. She sighed and handed her over. I placed her in the car and began to drive back home. To South Shields. To see my dad.

~~4 hours later~~

I pulled into his driveway and got Karleigh from her seat and went to his door. I knocked and he answered with a wide smile. He hugged me softly and took Karleigh from my hands. "Is this the famous Karleigh?" he smiled bigger.

"Yes!" I giggled. He got to know his granddaughter and we talked for a while. I grabbed my phone and looked at my notifications. 21 text messages. 5 missed calls. 6 texts from Niall. 2 from Perrie. 2 from Leigh Anne. 2 from Jesy. 1 from Zayn. 1 from Louis. 1 from Liam. 1 from Harry. 2 from El. 1 from Alex and 2 from Lindsey. And all of the calls were from Niall. I replied to everyone except for Niall and told them that I'd be back tomorrow. This is going to be a long night!

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