Love at First Sight

Jade moves to Holmes Chapel and she makes many friend. One is special though, Niall Horan. When they fall in love, does it work out?


33. Is this even possible?

              Jade's POV
Niall ran back down the stairs with a bag in hand and lifted me into his arms. He gently sat me in the passenger side and buckled me in. He ran to the drivers side and started the engine. We were five minutes down the road and of course. Bad traffic. "You are only six months pregnant. Is this even possible?" Niall asked.

"I don't kn-. AH. OW. FUCK. SHIT." I was interrupted by a very painful contraction.

"Are you okay?" Niall yelled grabbing my hands.

"Yeah. Contraction." I said a breathed in deeply. We finally started moving and were at the hospital in the next 30 minutes. I was in a room and they were doing a lot of tests.

"Jade, you are in full labor and we cannot stop it. There is only a fifty percent chance of your baby's survival." the doctor told me. I started to cry.

"Shhh. There IS a chance." Niall told me. We sat in silence until an idea came to mind.

"NIALL!!! CALL THE GIRLS!!" I screamed.

"Oh, right." he said and stepped out of the room. 20 minutes later the girls arrived.

"Oh my god! Are you okay?" Perrie asked.

"Just perfect." I smiled.

"Aren't you like really early?" Leigh Anne asked.

"Three months." said and started to cry. "There is only a fifty percent chance." I cried.

"I'm sure she'll be fine." Jesy reassuringly called.


"What can I do." he asked.

"Oh, I don't know. It just came out." I blushed.

"I love that you call me for help."  he smiled.

"OUCH. CALL THE DOCTOR!" I scream. I pushed the nurse button. She came walking in. "My contractions are about two minutes apart,"  I told her.

"Okay, lets check how many centimeters dilated you are." she said. "You are 10 centimeters. Time to push!" she exclaimed. "Two of you hold her legs and two of you get her hands." she told the people around me. Jesy and Leigh Anne held my legs and Perrie and Niall held my hands. "On the count of three push. 1, 2, 3, push." she said. I did as told.

"Niall, you didn't tell me it'd hurt this bad." I told him.

"I swear, I didn't know beautiful." he said. I knew he was lying about the beautiful part. I'm sweaty and probably look like crap.

"Push." I did as told again. "One more time I can see her head." the nurse said. I pushed one more time and heard a small cry. I let out a sigh of relief. Niall kissed me and ran to cut the umbilical cord. The nurse laid a blanket across my chest and laid her on the blanket. She started to clean her. She was still screaming. "We have to go get her checked out we will have her back in about an hour. The father can come with me and the rest of you can come and look from the window." she said while wrapping her in a blanket. I reached forward and kissed her head. Niall carried her out with the biggest smile. He is already a perfect daddy. Jesy and Leigh went to watch them wash her. Perrie stayed with me.

"She's beautiful." Perrie said wiping her tears,

"Are you crying?'' I laughed.

"Maybe." she smiled.

"Awe Pez."I said a hugged her.

"Pez?'' she asked.

"New nickname." I said. "OH. Call the boys!'' I excitedly said. She stepped into the hall to talk. Jesy came back in.

"I told her to go see her and that I'd keep you company." she explained.

"Okay." I understood. We sat and waited and about 45 minutes later they all came back in. Except Karleigh. "Where's Karleigh?" I whispered.

"She stopped breathing and she has to stay in there on the tubes for at least 3 days." Niall said and started to cry.

"Can I see her?" I asked.

"Let me go ask." Leigh Anne said. She came back with my nurse.

"You can go see her, but only in a wheelchair." she explained.

"Perfect, can I go now?" I questioned.

"Let me go get one." she said and left. She came back with a wheelchair and helped me in it.

"Why did she come so early?" I asked once I was settled.

"You have a very small stomach, so she had nowhere else to go but down the birth canal." she said.

"Oh." I said and Niall pushed me out of the room. When I saw her I broke down. "This is all my fault." I cried.

"No, baby. It's not." Niall called kissing my hair.

"If I didn't have such a small stomach, she would still be in my stomach and she'd be born healthy." I said.

"Jade, she's fine! She only has to stay like this for 3 days!" Niall said and grabbed my hands.

"Okay. I just want to see her without all the tubes." I said. I put my hands in the gloves and gently touched her.

"If you are her parents, I can open it so you can touch her without gloves, if you'd like." a nurse called from across the room.

"Yes, please." I said and removed me hands. She walked over and unlocked the bed she was in. "Thank you."

"No problem." she smiled. I touched my baby and felt so much love. I don't know how you could love someone you just met so much, but I know I did. Perrie came in and told us that that the boys were here. I kissed her head and closed the bed. I told the nurse we were leaving. We went back to the room and I saw the boys and Eleanor.

"Hi." I smiled.

"You look like cr-." Harry was interrupted by Jesy.

"Beautiful." she filled in where he left off. I climbed back in bed and Niall came and laid beside me. The nurse walked in.

"Visiting hours are over in five minutes." she told us and left.

"Bye congrats." Louis and Eleanor said..

"Bye. We'll be back soon." Leigh Anne said and kissed my cheek.

"Bye. Love you." Jesy grabbed Harry's hand.

"Yeah and congrats." Harry added.

"Congrats. She's absolutely gorgeous! Love you! Bye!" Perrie said and kissed my forehead.

"Bye guys.'' Zayn called. Me and Niall snuggled close and fell asleep.


Karleigh came off of her tubes this morning! She also comes home tomorrow. She only has a tube on when she sleeps and it beeps if she stops breathing, so we can wake her up and get her breathing again. I am holding her now, and she resembles Niall a lot. "Look a her exactly like you." I told him.

"Yeah, but your nose." he said and kissed her nose.

            Niall's POV

"You know I love you both more than anything in this world. Right?" I whispered. I got no response. I looked over and saw them both sound asleep. I took a picture, then put Karleigh's tube on. I tweeted the picture and said "Baby Karleigh and her perfect mummy!" about two hours later Jade woke up. "How long was I asleep?" she asked.

"About two hours." I replied.

"Will you take her while I go take a shower?" she asked.

"Of course I will." I said in my childish voice. She giggled and handed me Karleigh. Her crystal blue eyes popped open. "Well hello, my little princess." I said and held her face to mine. She smiled. "You know, you and your mummy are the best things that have ever happened to me. She's perfect. So are you. I will always be there for you. You will always be able to trust me and your mum. You are my angel. You are mine. No boy will ever have you. Only me. I honestly don't see how I've gone twenty years of my life without you. I love you pumpkin." I whispered to her little face.

"Niall! I need my bag!" Jade called from the bathroom.

"No one's in here just come out! I have Karleigh!" I called back. She came out in a towel and got her bag. She returned to the bathroom. 30 minutes later she came out.

"My turn!" she said and picked up Karleigh. She smiled and kissed her head. She really is a perfect mum. Karleigh started to whine.

"She's just hungry. As always. Just like her daddy." I said and started to make a bottle.

"JUST like her daddy." Jade called. I chuckled and handed her the bottle. Karleigh drifted to sleep while eating. Jade slowly slipped the bottle out of her mouth and put on her tube. She laid her in the little plastic bed and kissed her cheek. "Goodnight my precious baby girl." she whispered. I climbed in her bed and cuddled up close. She fell asleep shortly after. I closed my eyes and thought about my perfect family. My fiancé, my baby, me mates, and their girlfriends. It's just perfect. I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

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