Love at First Sight

Jade moves to Holmes Chapel and she makes many friend. One is special though, Niall Horan. When they fall in love, does it work out?


48. He's back

Jade's POV

~2 month later~ December 11th

It's Karleigh's third birthday today and I can't believe he's already 3. It doesn't seem real. She came downstairs with her doll that Perrie gave her when she was about two months old.

"Happy birthday Karls!" I said and hugged her.

"Thanks mummy." She giggled. I kissed her head. "I'm going to play with Maria." She told me. She named her doll Maria because that's what Perrie wanted to name her first daughter.

"Ok sweetie. I'm gonna go make lunch." I said and got up. My phone went off. Niall! "Hey babe!" I screamed.

"Whoa! I'm not you're babe! I'm Jesy's babe." He slurred. Harry.

"Give the phone to Niall." I said with a laugh.

"Baby! I gave great news! We are only gonna be two hours away for the next few days so I'm coming down for Karleigh's birthday!" Niall answered.

"What! Yay!" I screamed. "And why is Harry drunk?" I asked.

"He's been drunk the past few days. He's having Jesy withdraws." He mumbled.

"Aweh that's so sweet." I smiled.

"No it's not. He's annoying as hell when he's drunk." Niall complained. "We're pulling into the hotel now! I'll be on my way in twenty minutes. So I won't be here home until about noon." He said. I smiled.

"Okay I love you." I shoved an Oreo in my mouth.

"Love you too. Oh! Let me talk to Karls." He told me.

"Karleigh!" I called.

"Yes, mummy?" She answered. I handed her the phone. "Hey daddy!" She screeched. "Okay. I love you. Bye" Karleigh said and handed me the phone.

~2 hours later~

There was a knock at the door. Niall! I ran and threw it open. I saw my worst nightmare standing there. Joey. What if he went after my baby? I wouldn't let him. "Karleigh go in your room and lock the door. Do not come out until I come and get you." I told my three year old daughter. She must've known something was wrong because she stood up and ran without any questions.

Joey sprang after her. I jumped in front of him and shoved him backwards. "Oh. I see. Someone wants to be punished." He smirked.

"No please!" I said and ran towards the kitchen. He yanked my arms and pulled me to the ground. Oh shit. He climbed on top of me and began to rip off my shorts. I squirmed and screamed but nothing could stop him. He tore my short off of me and ripped my bra in half. He put my hands over my head and held them down. With his free hand he slid his hand into my panties. I cried out in pain as he pushed a finger inside of me.

"Stop! Please?" I cried. He tore his hand away from my panties and slapped my face. Ouch. I cried harder and closed my legs tightly. He ripped my legs apart and yanked down his pants. "No!" I yelled as he entered me. I was screaming in pure agony when he was ripped away from me. Niall had him by the collar of his shirt and slammed him into the wall. I jumped up and collected my clothes and dressed quickly. My mind finally registered what had happened and I collapsed to the ground and brought my knees to my chest. I rocked back and forth as tears silently fell down my face.

"Come here baby." Niall called as he walked over to me. I looked up and realized that the cops were here and putting Joey in a cop car.

Niall sat beside me and pulled me into his lap. His hands were around my waist as he tried his best to calm me. I still hadn't said a word. I was in pure shock.

I can't believe he actually found me. He knew where I was. How? How long was he watching me? Was he planning on hurting Karleigh? Karleigh.

"Karleigh." I whispered and pulled out of Niall's grip. I raced up the stairs and grabbed the key to her door. I unlocked the door an opened it. I didn't see her anywhere. "Karleigh!" I yelled. "Where are you?" I yelled. Tears where overflowing my face as I sobbed. Relief washed over me when I saw her blonde hair pop out from under her bed.

"Mummy are you okay?" She ran and grabbed my legs.

I picked her up an held her close to my chest. I cried harder and sat on her small bed. I rocked her back and forth. I squeezed my eyes close and laid my head on hers. "I'm fine baby." I finally mumbled.

She lifted her head and looked at me. "What happened to your face right here?" She said and poked right next to my eye.

"Don't worry babygirl. Mummy's fine." I cooed. She nodded.

"I have a birthday present for you." I said trying to cheer her up.

"What is it?" She smiled.

"Let's go see." I said and stood up with her on my hip. I opened her door and covered her eyes. I found Niall in our bedroom an I uncovered Karleigh's eyes and began to record on my phone.

"Daddy! I missed you!" She screeched.

"Hey pumpkin! I missed you so much more." He said picking her up and spinning her around. I put my phone away and went to Niall's side.

"What now?" He whispered to me.

"Let it go and move on." I sighed with a smile. He smile and kissed me passionately. I pulled away and grabbed his hand.

"The girls will be here anytime now with her cake. Let's go downstairs." I smiled.

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