Love at First Sight

Jade moves to Holmes Chapel and she makes many friend. One is special though, Niall Horan. When they fall in love, does it work out?


17. ****Author's note**** IMPORTANT

Okay my lovely carrots, I will indeed be adding a chapter after this!! Another thing if any of you read Midnight Memories by Bree Watson you are amazing... and if you don't go and do it NOW!! And she has added chapter 1 of the sequel! Anyways on with my point Bree you are freaking amazing. (don't be jealous Payt, I already told my peeps about you!) I love our conversations and how we make Payton mad because we won't tell her what we talk about;) We have only known eachother for what? Like 4 maybe 5 days and we are completely ourselves around eachother.

I love you my twinsie!!!


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