Love at First Sight

Jade moves to Holmes Chapel and she makes many friend. One is special though, Niall Horan. When they fall in love, does it work out?


30. A new home and a label for the girls

           Jade's POV

I woke up in Niall's arms. How sweet! I ran into the bathroom suddenly feeling sick. I started to vomit. I felt a hand on my back and someone holding back my hair. I turned and saw Perrie. Not Niall who I was expecting. "Where's Niall?" I asked.

"He tried to come in, but I told him I wanted to. I haven't been here for you. Now, that's going to change." she smiled. I smiled back. Suddenly it came back. I hunched over the toilet and threw up again. Finally it stopped. I no longer felt sick. I walked downstairs to the living room and saw Leigh Anne and Liam sitting on the couch. Yes! I forgot to mention after their first date, they clicked. They're incredibly in love and very happy. I have been thinking and I want to get a new house. With all of them. Niall, Louis, Liam, Zayn, Harry, Leigh Anne, Jesy, Perrie, and even though I haven't met her, Eleanor. Just because Lou would want her there. I would meet Eleanor soon though. Them, I would get them all together and tell them about my thoughts. I heard a knock on the door. I went and opened it. I saw Louis and a beautiful girl standing there.

"You must be Eleanor." I said and held out my hand for her to shake.

"Yes, I am." she replied shaking my hand.

"I've heard so much about you." I smirked locking eyes with a blushing Lou.

"Really babe?" Eleanor asked.

"I might just talk about you a lot." he said turning a deeper red.

"Awwe baby. Don't be ashamed. I love you too." she kissed his cheek.

"Come on in." I said and moved out of the way.

Would you like some tea, Eleanor or Louis?'' I asked trying to make a good first impression.

"Call me El, no need to try and act proper. As long as you stay off of Lou, we should have no problems! And no, but thanks for the offer." she giggled. I laughed as well,

"I'm good. I have Niall and Karleigh. That's all I need." I said with a smile.

"Who's Karleigh?" she asked.

"My soon to be daughter of course! As if you couldn't tell. I'm huge!" I said and lifted Niall's sweatshirt.

"Awwwe! How far along are you? And you can't even tell when you have that sweatshirt on!" she smiled.

"Four months." I smiled and touched the bump. She kicked again. I lifted my hand and touched it again. She kicked. Every time I touch her she kicks. "Hey Ni! Get in here." I yelled. he came walking down stairs. El was watching me curiously as I touched the bump.

"Yeah babe?" he asked.

"Look. Every time I touch her, she kicks." I smiled looking down at the bump. He placed his hand on my bump. I felt a small movement and Niall gasped in awe. He lifted my shirt to where my bare stomach was showing.

"Hey baby. It's Daddy. I love being able to feel you move. I can't wait to see you in person instead of pictures! We got to see you face up close, and you are absolutely perfect. Just like your mummy. I'm glad you aren't causing her any pain. Other than the other episode you caused this morning. I love you." he smiled and kissed my stomach.

"I got it!" El giggled holding out her phone. I looked and it was a picture of Niall kissing my belly.

"Aww! Send it to me! My number is 543-5438." I said. (A/N- I used a fake number that I randomly came up with! Please don't try using it!)

"Ok and it's sending and I'm putting it on twitter!" she laughed.

"If you insist." Niall said. Before she could ask Niall butted in."Her twitter name is iloveniallmorethananything"

"No it's not." I giggled.

"Don't fall asleep before me with your phone unlocked." he smirked. I laughed and my phone vibrated twice. I had received the picture and a twitter notification. I went and looked at the tweet. I read it aloud, "Niall really loves #BabyKarleigh!" the picture was attached. I felt a huge jolt in my stomach "Ouch! She says she loves you too, Daddy." I looked at Ni. He chuckled.  The idea came to mind again. I told all of them to come into the room. When they got in the room I just came right out and said it, "I think we should all buy a house and live together. Since we're all in one flat all the time. Why not just share a house together?" Everyone nodded or said "yeah".

"Should we start looking now?'' Niall asked.

"Sure!" we all agreed. We all fit into two cars. Harry's Suburban, which had three rows of seats., carried Harry and Jesy in the front. Me and Niall in the middle and Zayn and Perrie in the back. Liam's Toyota carried Liam, Leigh Anne, El, and Lou. We were driving along looking at houses according to a book. We came to a mansion. It was huge! It was also beautiful. it was three stories high and had 11 bedrooms, each with a bathroom, and two bathrooms in the halls! I knew it was the one. I asked everyone and they thought so too. We would move in tomorrow we all went back to the flat. They boys were packing Zayn and Per's room and us girls were packing mine and Niall's. El had went home to tell her parents and pack. We were singing Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus when we finished. I opened the door and all the boys fell into then room. Along with Simon. They were eaves dropping!

"Girls, I don't sign girlbands, but my good friend, Tulisa does. You four write a single, and I'll give her a call.

***** A/N- Thank you guys so much for reading! You are all amazing! I will update when I get back for school tomorrow! Love you all! Please like, comment, and favorite!****

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