More Than Friends

This is a Rose x Scorpius fan fiction. Based on the next Harry Potter generation.


2. Meeting

Rose POV I skipped through the street of Diagon Alley, gasping at all the amazing things I saw in the shop windows. "Now, Rose," My mom, Hermione, called from far behind, "You go and get your robes and me and your father will get your school books!" "Yes mom!" I shouted back. I squeezed through the masses of crowds to Madam Malkins. I shuffled through the doors. There stood Madam Malkin herself measuring a boy about her own age. He had very light blonde hair, so light it could have been white. I knew it was a Malfoy. "Ahh, dear, hogwarts I suppose!" Madam Malkin smiled at me, a few pins in her mouth. "Um, yes," I replied, still staring at the Malfoy. "Right, you're done now!" Madam Malkin turned to the boy and he hopped off the stool abd walked across to me. "Hi," He mumbled. "Um, hi, you must be a Malfoy," I whispered and held out my hand. He took it, "Yeah, I'm Scorpius Malfoy, and you, you're a Weasley right?" "Yeah, I'm Rose," I told him, "I've heard so many bad things about your family." "And ne so many bad things about yours," He laughed slightly. I laughed too, smiling up at his handsom face. Then I shook my head to clear the thoughts, he was a Malfoy, dad would never forgive me! I sighed and stood on the stool, "Bye," Madam Malkin started measuring out my robes and Scorpius left the shop.
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