Caitlen is a young Irish woman with a perfect life until one day her Lance has to go off to war to defend Britan will she ever see him again? Read to find out.


2. September 28th 1930

September 28th 1930
Well Lance is gone. I am so worried about him what if something happens to him or even worse he could die. Letting him go was the hardest thing I ever done but then again I had no choice. I wonder how he is? no matter how hard I try I can't think of anything else it's like he engraved in my mind but why would I try to forget him?He promised that if he hade time he send a letter once he gets there god he hope he does.But what if he didn't what would I do then? 
Okey time to change the topic I'm trying to find ways to make money Lance would make all the money my job was to stay home and clean the house. Oh lord help me. Any ways I wonder how he's doing and if he's thinking about me as much as I am anyways that's that.

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