Caitlen is a young Irish woman with a perfect life until one day her Lance has to go off to war to defend Britan will she ever see him again? Read to find out.


1. Goodbye


Lance looked down at her Irish green eyes the one that hade brought the two together the ones he looked into when he was scared the ones full of tears. "I love you," he said hugging her knowing it would be his last as tears started to form in his eyes "I'm worried," she said on a frail worried yet calm voice "about what," he asked knowing all the possible things to worried about "you," she hade lots of things to worry about the war, debit, the rent "why me," he asks curiously " because I love you and I don't want anything to happen to you she said sobbing into his shirt he gently stroked her hair one last time probably the last in his life. "we need you to come with us," said a guard pulling her away from her love she looked up at her love one last time her eyes full of tears as the guards dragged her away "I love you," she whispered Lance turned around one last time and looked at his love for the last time "i love you too," the wind carried her the message her eyes met his "forever,"

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