Following The Rule Of A Pebble

“Pebbles” (first draft) by Nathan Bonyun was created. Nathan said he decided to write about pebbles because “pebbles and blades of grass and small things we don’t think much about and take for granted are neat.”The problem with this draft is that a reader isn’t convinced that each pebble is important, that each small thing matters, because we can’t see or hear or feel these pebbles. Why write about this? No concrete details bring pebbles to life. The meaning that Nathan intends isn’t there.Nathan went outside, got a pebble from the gravel drive, brought it back inside and observed it with his senses, then wrote about these observations. “Pebble” (Final Copy) by Nathan Bonyun sent the poetry world into a frenzy. Now, the rule of a pebble stands, and here is the story of a girl who wrote some poems following it, and wound up blowing a few minds.


2. "Pebbles" by Nathan Boyun (First Draft)

"A minniral
a rock
a quiet inocent little thing
that comes in all shapes and sizes.
that you find on the beach
outdoors or on your floor
You think it’s just another ordinary thing
but if you think hard it’s something thats
Where would all the beaches, sand, and
gravel driveways be if it werent
for that one tiny quiet inocent
ordinary pebble."

My teacher

read aloud.

The other students 

they gazed 

upon the board.

Whereas I,

 wrote every word.


'I go to school

for a reason' 

I always told myself,

'To learn.'

I thought

as I scribbled the words.


I'm going to learn something

from this.

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