No social life.

This is a story about a hormonal teenage girl named Paige. She struggles through school, and spends most of her life on social media, for example, Tumblr, Instagram, etc. . She also fangirls about One Direction on Twitter. Her life isn't that interesting, until the disgusting rumor caused by the preppy girl that every middle school contains, Alyssa.


1. Introduction.

     Well, for starters,  my name is Paige, I’m a fourteen year old hormonal teenager, and I hate almost everyone. Middle school is a struggle that I’m going through at the moment, and I honestly hate it. Yes, I am a very hateful person. Oh, and I have no social life. I have a Tumblr, the most addicting waste of my time, but I’m obsessed with it. I fangirl on twitter over the most attractive five men on the planet, One Direction. And I also have a couple of fandom accounts on  Instagram.

   But anyways, there is this annoying chic that goes to my middle school, her name is Alyssa Mcgellan. She is pretty in the face, and has long perfect straight hair. I don’t hate her because of envy, but I dislike the fact she is full of herself. She also hates me, only because I messed up her relationship with some douche bag guy named Alex. 

  I have four classes with her, Pre A.P. science, Home economics, Dance, and Drama. She always talks about me, like I give two shits what she says. But there is always that one time where she actually does hurt me inside, and I struggle with that situation.

  I have a dad, but my mother was killed on a vacation to New Orleans. Some guy murdered her because she didn’t give him her car; he stabbed her, and just left her laying there. It happened when I was ten, but I have gotten used to not having my best friend (mother) around.

  But there you have it; there is some blabber about my life. I've got an antagonist, but no protagonist. I have no mum. I have no social life. I have zero interesting hobbies. I’m just another waste of life. And the worst thing is, I am close to... high school.

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