No social life.

This is a story about a hormonal teenage girl named Paige. She struggles through school, and spends most of her life on social media, for example, Tumblr, Instagram, etc. . She also fangirls about One Direction on Twitter. Her life isn't that interesting, until the disgusting rumor caused by the preppy girl that every middle school contains, Alyssa.


2. Excuse me?

       I'm sitting in seventh period, waiting for the dismissal bell to ring. The science teacher is staring at a computer monitor, while we're supposed to figure out the confusing stuff on the board. I hate this class, mainly because of Alyssa, but also because the teacher is as worthless as a bucket without a bottom. All he does is rant about the kids that are talking, and after he is done bitching, he goes and sits at his desk. But somehow I manage not to fail this class, in fact, I've got an A+.

         Alyssa gives me a dirty look, and then whispers something into her friend Elizebeths ear. Elizabeth makes a shocked face, then laughs a little and looks down at her assigned paper. I roll my eyes then look at the time, ten minutes until the bell. I finish the last question, then close my trapper keeper. I get up and place my work into the seventh period tray, then I sit back down.

         The bell rings; I zip up the front of my purple 'Case-it' binder, then wait for Mr. Ferguson to dismiss us. "Pick up all the paper around your desk, and then you may leave," he announces. I leave, sense there aren't any spare papers around my desk. Once I get a few steps out of the classroom, one of Alyssas friends pokes me on the shoulder, "Oh my gosh! Why would you do that? That is so nasty!" She says with a gross look on her face, she then walks away. After that weird moment, I begin to continue what I was doing, but what was she talking about? 

      Once I get to Home economics, another class with the pitiful Alyssa, I sit down my stuff and look at the board to see what the bellringer is. It is labeled "No bellringer today, clear desk, don't get your pencils out either". Well, we must be watching a movie, for the billionth time. 

     Once the movie begins to start I sneak my phone out of my pocket, and use it as i'm hiding it under the desk. I see I get a Facebook message from... Alyssa?! I unlock my screen, and then read the message. "I can't believe you did that to him, what the hell were you thinking, whore!"



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