Freeze and Burn

She was just a normal girl.
Until she didn't want to be normal anymore.
she left.
She fled.
And she didn't care about anyone else.

Until they took her away....


2. Saying Goodbye




As soon as I got out of the bathroom, I started running.

I wasn’t sure why- no I was sure. I was a monster. I killed the only friends I had. But then again… why should I care? They wanted to be friends with a nerd and that wasn’t right. So in the end I really did them a favor.


I made it outside and looked around. Only two cars were left, the idiots cars. I winced and continued running down the side walk. My house was at least 20 minutes away but I take track every year. I wonder what would my parents would- My Parents!

They would surely know what to do. I ran a little faster, feeling the sweat begin to trickle.

My parents were always there for me. Even if they knew I was a terror in school. Mostly they always told me to stay with my kind and to be the evil me. My parents cared for me… I guess you could call me a spoiled brat. But I loved it that way.

My parents would know what to do, I mean they know everything, right?

I broke into a full out sprint. As my legs pumped and my eyes trained on where I was going. It was dark outside by now, so only the street lamp gave me light. I looked down just as my legs trampled over rocks. I skidded to the ground and rolled protecting myself from dirt.

"Damn!" I screeched, "What's wrong with me!" I angrily pushed myself up. Cradling my bloody elbows. Tears blurred my vision and I staggered down the street.


I stood in front of my house. It was a dark shade of grey and a porch that stretched around the whole building. I considered entering  from the back, but I decided my parents would be forgiving.

I walked up the steps, feeling my heart beat a little faster. I closed my eyes and opened the door.

"Honey welcome home" My mother sang. "We have a guest here for you"

I opened my eyes a wink. The living room stood in front of me. Three people were sitting silently on the coach, watching the late night news. I took a step closer and a muscle man rose before me.

"Hello, Brittany. I'm Hank, I'll be taking you to your new school." He stretched his hand out to me.

I simply looked at his hand for a moment. Then he stretched his hand out farther.

"What new school" I asked. Hank pulled his hand back and grinned at me.

"Well from what me and my… "Team" saw today. You don’t seem fit for such a… low level school. So ill be taking you to Alice Academy. It’s a school for… special people like you" He went behind the couch and produced two small luggage bags. "Your already packed and ready to go."

My jaw slackened. A school for… special people like me. There were people that understood why I was a brat? People like me…

"Honey, you're going to have to stay in this school for a while… I don’t think we will… see you again" My mother broke down. Letting tears that I didn’t notice fall.

"Mother… I want to go. I want to meet people like me. People that understand like you guys do" I pushed back tears. I didn’t want to ruin my makeup now. My always silent father looked up at me with misty eyes.

"we just… don’t want our only daughter to go…" My father coughed.

I laughed " You guys… I won't be gone forever… I'll call you every day, ok?"

Suddenly the sound of helicopters rang outside. "Our ride is here, Brittany we should go" Hank grabbed my bags and walked out the door.


I looked down at my parents one more time before letting go.

"Goodbye mommy. Goodbye daddy"

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