Freeze and Burn

She was just a normal girl.
Until she didn't want to be normal anymore.
she left.
She fled.
And she didn't care about anyone else.

Until they took her away....


3. Lets go to hell together


Outside a large helicopter rested on my front lawn. my palms sweated and I felt dizzy. hank rested a heavy hand on my shoulder.

"Look Brittany. I-um- I lied to you." hank continued, "Your more special than the people you're going to meet…"

"Why" I asked "Is this because if what I did to those girls?" Hank nodded.

"Brittney you burned and freeze people. That’s awesome. Some people can burn and some people can freeze but very few can do both. Brittney we need you at our school. Now before you flip me off and go back to your parents, listen to this. On this helicopter there is another girl that can control ice and fire, just like you. Please. give this academy a chance" Hank grinned with hopeful eyes.

"Hank, you didn’t have to make that big speech… I'm coming anyway. Now out my way, I'm gonna use my charm to win this place over."


Hank boarded the heli first, then he reached his hand out to help me up. stumbling, I made my way on to the helicopter.

inside was only one other person.

"So you’re the one joining me in hell?"

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