Freeze and Burn

She was just a normal girl.
Until she didn't want to be normal anymore.
she left.
She fled.
And she didn't care about anyone else.

Until they took her away....


1. I'm Brittney, Bitch

As I strutted down  the hallway, I flashed a wicked grin to the people around me. I swore I heard half of them gasp. Of course being the most popular student at a prep school helps.

The pair of idiots behind me were my crew of cuties. The second and third cutest girls in school. Your could already guess who was the first.

"Hey babe. You sitting with us at lunch?" Alex, my current boyfriend slung his arm around me.

"Don't touch, idiot." I said, "Your stinky from football. And of course I'll be with you during lunch. Do you think I would hang out with nerds?" I pushed him away and marched into the lunch room. I heard a hush come over the room when I stepped in.

I flashed my white smile and cut to the front of the lunch line. Most people mumbled protests but I knew they couldn’t do anything to a girl like me. I asked the lunch hag for a vegetarian meal.

I went to the lunch table and sat on Alex's lap. Now he smelled a little better, like natural boy musk. He seemed a little stiff so I cuddled myself up to him.

Today the lunch table was surprisingly quiet. The idiots heads were tilted down. The jocks we whispering for the first time.

Then suddenly I saw it. Or should I say I saw her. A nobody was sitting right in front me. Her black hair and shocking tattoos made my nose crinkle. She smelled like a wet dog and her hair looked like one too.

"What is…that doing at this table?" I spat looking at the idiots.

"Babe we should talk…" Alex muttered in my ear. Then he nodded to wet dog girl and she stood up to follow us. I realized what was about to happen. Alex was going to break up with me because he suddenly wanted of piece of wet dog tongue. I gagged at the thought.

"You know what Alex… I think what you have to say can be said right here…" I smirked when he broke out in a sweat.

"Maybe I should tell you how I feel… right now. Look… Alex, was it? You seem like a pathetic sucker… I'm breaking up with you." I stood up and walked over to my idiots. Not sparing a glance at the new member of the wet dog family.



Finally it was the end of the day. The students were already buzzing about my totally awesome breakup scene. I'd even been asked out a couple times. So here I was now, waiting for the idiot pair to take me home.

*ten minutes later*

The school was almost empty… where were my idiots? If they ditched me I would cut off their not-so-pretty heads.



I decided to go to the bathroom to clear my head. When I got there I heard giggling and idiot snorts inside. MY idiots where in the bathroom this whole time! I was about to open the door when a new voice ran out.

"Do you think she's mad at me?" Wet dog girl sighed.

"How could she be? Your awesome, Jenna." Idiot 1 laughed, "And she's such a loser anyway. Why should you care what she thinks. You deserve to rule this school, Jenna. Not an idiot like her!" 

I gasped, did they call me an idiot? My new press-on nails snapped off when I suddenly balled my hands into fists.

(Watch out guys. This part gets freaky)

The air around me suddenly sparked and I growled. The bathroom quieted.

"knock… knock" I whispered. Then I slammed the door open. The girls screamed when they saw me. The idiots eyes filled with tears as they held on to each other.

"Y-you're on fire and your clothes… they a-are wet!" Jenna screamed closing her eyes.

I looked down at my hands. They felt cold and dripped but flames were engulfing them. I smiled. It was twisted and showed all my emotions of hate.


It was the best smile I'd ever had.

I shot my hands out.

I laughed when the idiots bodies slowly began melting.

"Brittney!!!!" They screeched as their once almost-perfect faces slid off their bones.

they held on to each other and cried but the tears never came out. slowly their bodies melted together forming a small misshapen box.


I slowly looked up at wet dog girl.

"my bad…" I giggled. She screamed and her eyes widened to an extreme size.

"no , no, no… shhhhh. let me… freeze the pain." I snorted as her body froze over.

"Brittttneyy" she shivered before freezing in place.

"Later, Bitch"


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