the pink ribbon

Oliver Buckley (13) Rory James (14) Correy Buckley (13) and Jason Wills (5) live together in the city orphanage of Alpine Alaska, Jason suffers from hypothyroidism and anxiety attacks. After 4 years of being in and out of different orphanages will the boys finally find a way to escape the towering concrete walls that surround them?


2. Dead

i was laying on the bed with my feet hanging off the edge, and my head is pounding, i have a massive head ache. correy had thrown a baseball at my face during free hour. i swear someday im gonna get him! Jason has bene poking me with his new stick he found and yelling random words in my ear, he has a new stick every day and weve began to create a log pile in the corner of our room. i finally got a few moments rest when BAM!!! im smacked with jasons stick right across the face. Jason! i scream as i bolt upright but hes already long gone all that's left is his blue blanket, which i know for sure he'll be coming back for, its worth more than gold to him. i wedge myself between the two dressers and wait for him to come back. after about 15 seconds i here foot steps andi spring out of my hiding place and bring down the figure in front of me, what the heck oliver?! Rory yells while kicking my body off him, sorry man i thought you were Jason ;isay. oh you mean the 5 year old whos like 2 feet shorter than me! you know you have allways struck me as a Jason i say sarcastically.

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