the pink ribbon

Oliver Buckley (13) Rory James (14) Correy Buckley (13) and Jason Wills (5) live together in the city orphanage of Alpine Alaska, Jason suffers from hypothyroidism and anxiety attacks. After 4 years of being in and out of different orphanages will the boys finally find a way to escape the towering concrete walls that surround them?


1. Cold

       Cold...cold every were, that's all it ever does here, it snows. My names Oliver B. Buckley, I live in the city orphanage of alpine Alaska, along with my "brothers", Rory, Jason, and Correy. Me and Correy are the only ones actually related by blood but we consider Rory and Jason family. Rory has been locked up here for almost 8 years, but as for me Jason and Correy we've been hopping around different orphanages and foster homes like a bouncing ball. Im not lying when I say this one is the worst, they don't pay enough attention to realize that all four of us have been staying in the same room since we got here, Rebecca the maintenance lady that comes around every so often to collect the garbage from our room, is the only one I can tolerate. She's probably in her late forties, but she looks much younger with her fair skin, big green eyes and thick auburn hair that's allways pulled back in a perfectly rounded bun above her head tied back with a pink ribbon. She usually stays longer to tell us her made up tales of the rebels that hide in the under ground tunnels just waiting for a chance to strike against the government. Jason allways enjoyed these but as for me I would much rather live a story than here about it.

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