Black Shadows

Arriane has been haunted by Black shapes for years but now they haunt her dreams as well...


5. Getting to Carlisle

Arriane got to the train station about 20 minutes later, having seen very few people, bought her ticket from the grumpy ticket man and boarded the train to Carlisle. She would arrive in Carlisle a little over half an hour later. There were only a few other people on the train. A man with a bowler hat like the ones Winston Churchill used to wear and a woman with a short straight dress and ankle socks like the ones Arriane used for school. On the train Arriane tried to get some sleep but whenever she got close she felt even more awake. Eventually ahead gave up trying and thought about what she could say when she got to Carlisle. She couldn't really say, "Hello my name is Arriane. I used to live here." Well she could but she the reaction would be really awkward and it would freak out anyone who had known her when she lived there. That and the fact that she looked more or less the same as when she had lived there.

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