Once upon a time

Once upon a time a white van pulls up will It be the end for Megan Jenna abby and sandi


4. louis <3

Abby POV

I  look around i cant believe i am in one directions house Louis  walks up to me OK be calm Abby i say to my self Louis says hi hi i say shyly what you doing are you hungry yes i say he hands me an apple hey so sorry about kidnapping you guys  oh its OK i say so just wondering why did Jenna pass out oh harry put a rag over her mouth oh OK his hand gets closer to my hand listen i have to go sorry Louis leaves room i lay down on the bed wondering what to do hmm i got up and went to the kitchen wow its so big i say to Louis isn't it he says back  can i call my parents Louis says he hands me the phone i call hey mom hey dad im gonna stay at Louis house for a bit OK mom says i hang up so Louis where is Megan i do not know anyways Abby did you to go out with me Louis says um sure i say OK tonight sure i said OK bye see you later i run to sandi sandi i just got a date with Louis awesome do you know were Megan is

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