Once upon a time

Once upon a time a white van pulls up will It be the end for Megan Jenna abby and sandi


5. In the morning

Megan pov 

i wake up  and I have a head ache form geting thorow in a van . Then I feel some one looking at me I  then i see liam hi I say hi he said how was your sleap Megan good I have a bad head ache let me get you some thing for that he says walking out of the room but I feel some thing I have never felt before I think I like Liam. Ok Megan take this he says to me as he hands me some pills I take them drinking some water. Megan he says do you want some thing to eat he says no thanks Liam I think i am good but thank you I say siting up if you need any thing just ask me ok Megan yes Liam I say drifting of to sleep.

Abby's pov:    

Omg Louis just asked me out I have to get ready sandi can you help me get ready for me and Louis date I ask her yea I can Abby let me just get some makeup for you to put on  ok and I will take a shower now well you do that ok Abby. I am out Abby yells to me ok coming I run to help her let me get you some thing to put on now Abby (blue dress and blue flip flops) ok and let's out on some Makeup and your done i say to Abby you look good thank you sandi I have to go bye I Said going to Louis  bye Abby have fun. 

Jenna pov: 

i wake up and I feel some thing around my hips it was Harry's arms Harry wake up I tell him hi Jenna he's says  why are you up so early he says to me  Harry is is 12:30 we have to get up and eat ok Jenna what would you like hmm how about some eggs Harry ok Jenna let's go make some eggs ok Jenna let's go 



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