Once upon a time

Once upon a time a white van pulls up will It be the end for Megan Jenna abby and sandi


3. In a dark room


I wake up in a room it is dark and I am on a bed I can hear a voice say your awake. I  see a man he is tall and I Jumped back and hit my head on the  wall owe I say with pain.then I can hear the foot steps coming towards me . I started to cry because what will happen I don't know what to  do all of these things are going Into my head  then he sits beside me and wipes the tears form my face. Hi he says to me what is your name. Hi my name is Jenna why am I hear where are my friends I say with anger and fear. Don't worry he says to me we are not going to kill you and my name is harry. With the lights still low I manage to stutter harry styles I ask.  Yes I am harry styles me and the lads saw all of you guys and had to have you. Ok I say but why did you not just come up to us and ask us. Well you guys would say no  and we did not want that Jenna I like you a lot and  I think that you are so nice he says to me.harry can I please call my mom and dad and tell then I am ok. Ok Jenna but just please don't leave me  I love you so much from the first time I looked at you. Ok harry I won't can I use your phone.  Ok Jenna he says . I dial my mom and dad number then I hear my mom pick up hi mom I say hi Jenna  mom I just am with Harry styles I say to her  and um I am going to sat with him for a bit but I will have my phone with me is that ok I ask yes Jenna just be safe and are stay with your friends I love you Jenna I love you to mom then I hang up the phone.what did she say harry ask she Said yes harry can I eat some thing yes why not Jenna have this he hands me sone toast so I eat it. Harry I am a bit tied  

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