Sand Chronicles

80 years ago, the end began....

It is the year 2033. Through supercollider experimentation, which can change the properties of elements drastically, reaserchers at SERN created a superconductive variant of H2O. Known as Variant_06, this miracle liquid was soon produced in bulk as a fuel source, and cheap, efficient energy was made available to the masses. But, as humans so often do, society lived excessive lives of frivolity in blissful ignorance of the bigger picture.

Because although the fuel crisis had been averted, the water crisis had just began...


2. Kat And Mouse



"SENTNEL!!!" came the shrill cry from behind her. Kat, turning mid-run, saw, not the immense frame of the demon pursuing her, but rather the trail of chaos and terror it left in it's wake.


No one wanted to get caught between a Sentinel and its target. Originally created by Gryphon Intercolonial Corps to protect the people, these bulletproof behemoths now act as policemen-for-hire, to the highest bidder. For "protectoral" purposes, the identity of these officers are kept secret, and their names erased from the PROVERB's database, allowing would-be criminals, and Old Word killers that sign onto the "no questions asked" Gryphon Corps Protection Program, to operate under veritable safety, providing they keep the streets clean, and the powerful in control.


Again, this was unimportant to Kat, all she cared about was getting out, and fast. She knew what happened to criminals that got caught by Gryphon. One way or another, they disappeared.


Distracted, she slipped and fell, hard, onto what appeared to be one of the many iron access grates sprawled across the city, that lead down into the innards of the city. wasting no time, she pulled up at the grate sharply, detaching in from it's cradle. she took one look at the Sentinel, aided now by unmasked GIPO's, and almost upon her. The market square was clear of people now, and soon the firing would begin. She wasn't so worried about the GIPO's weapons, by law lower ranking officers could only carry battery-powered stun weapons, a subtle reminder that Gryphon wasn't fully trusting of it's men's "reliability". But the Sentinel was a different story. Stain had taught her to recognise weapons from an early age, (she was only a little older when she learnt to fire them) so when she saw it's 2109 GRYPH-Boltshot, rearing and ready to go, she knew it meant business.


Taking one last breath of fresh air, she slipped into the darkness of the maintenance shaft...

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