Words Of Warning

I don't have much time, they're coming. On 22/11/13 ,they'll come, the same as they did here. Hug your loved ones, hide for cover, but no matter where you go, they'll find you. They always do.

There's no escape.....

Words Of Warning follows 15 year old Alix Seth, a girl in the paranormal universe. When the world is warned that in two days the world will end. She is stood still, frozen, on the morning of the descruction, Alix is on a mission to travel to the city to find answers to what's coming. As she approaches the city with her best friend Ron, they find the curse of descruction has already begun.

A fight for survival, hope, courage and bravery. Alix is forced to face her fears and fight in order to survive.


3. What Can We Do?

" The goverment have told us, that we will be attacked, by something un-named..." 


Alix sat back in dismay. Her face of expressions, was just wiped away. She sat their taking in what her father just said. " But it's okay, they've got it under control." " And..... when will they be coming?" Just as Alix spoke, the radio reported something.


" We have some breaking news, it is reported the attack will come tomorrow."  Andrea started to weep again. " We're sorry, but, the world will end." The radio squeaked. No connection. The room fell silent. " What do we do. Brian, the children, the family." Andrea whispered. " There's nothing we can do." Alix said. Brian glanced at her, startled. " Alix!" " What?! I'm only saying the truth! No one knows, not even the government knows what we're up against. I'm sorry dad, but you can't protect us for-ever!" She walked out and slammed the door. She crumbled on the wall. She cried her heart out in her lap. The world was due to end tomorrow, her mum, dad and brother would die, from something no one knows of. Had they already come? Were people facing the destruction of the world now? She could hear her parents whispering and weeping at the same time. " Brain, the cellar." " But we don't know what it is!" " But it's the safest place right now. Until the government find a way to stop it, we'll have to try and hide from, what ever is coming. " " Okay, you get the blankets and pillows, i'll get the food, I just need to make a few calls first." " I'll get the kids."


Alix jumped as the door opened, her mum walked out, bent down to Alix and gave her a kiss on the fore head. " We'll get through this, I promise, together. " Alix nodded, " Do you need help?" She asked. " Get your brother up would you? " Alix stood up, she took a deep breath, she believed it too, they could get through this. As a family they could get through it, and as one they could fight what-ever was coming to get them.

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