Words Of Warning

I don't have much time, they're coming. On 22/11/13 ,they'll come, the same as they did here. Hug your loved ones, hide for cover, but no matter where you go, they'll find you. They always do.

There's no escape.....

Words Of Warning follows 15 year old Alix Seth, a girl in the paranormal universe. When the world is warned that in two days the world will end. She is stood still, frozen, on the morning of the descruction, Alix is on a mission to travel to the city to find answers to what's coming. As she approaches the city with her best friend Ron, they find the curse of descruction has already begun.

A fight for survival, hope, courage and bravery. Alix is forced to face her fears and fight in order to survive.


2. The Farm

Alix Seth, woke from her sleep, dreading what she would find. She sat up from the uncomfortable nap she had, rubbed her sleepy eyes and stood up. She looked around, hoping the sight wouldn't be as bad as the smell. And there it was, sitting in the hay where she had rested her head. Oliver's breakfast, of course that was in a polite manner, but as she and many others in the world say, poo.


"Oliver! I only cleared your stable yesterday!" She declared as she was grabbing the shovel. Oliver was six years old, although his head was taller then her's. She loved him all the same, Rich, another horse in the stable had died a week ago.  Oliver hadn't been the same since.


Alix didn't mind getting her hands dirty, although living on a farm, where the money for the family's wealth came in, she didn't have much choice. Her father, Brian, had grown up on the farm with his father, when Alix was born, since the age of five she helped her dad and grand-father around the farm, until her grand-father passed away from cancer.


Once Alix had cleaned up Oliver's stable, she said goodnight and jogged over to the barn door. As she opened it a blast of wind came rushing in, it was raining. Which wasn't unusual, it rained almost every night. Alix pulled her jacket over her head and started running. As she got to her front door she heard a piercing scream. She panicked, in alarm dropped coat, which was over her head to the floor. She grabbed the nearest object, an axe. 


She opened the door silently, she walked into a dark kitchen, she looked around. No lights, no fire, no nothing. Although she was used to the lights turning on and off, from the bad weather which always happened in the countryside. She wasn't used to the deadly silence. 


Alix creeped into the living room, nothing. The stairs creaked as she walked up them. There was a weeping sound, crying. Alix panicked and held up the axe, ready to strike. She ran into the bedroom, that the noise was coming from. She halted. Alix gave a sigh of relief. It was her mother and father, sitting on the bed. Her father, Brian, was hugging her mother, Andrea in despair. Alix dropped the axe, she looked puzzled. Andrea was crying, while sitting on the bed, the radio was on a chair in front of them. 


" What happened?" Alix asked. Brian looked up at her, he shaked his head. " Check on your brother will you? He's asleep." She walked into her brother's room, he was peacefully sleeping. " He's sound ' o" She moved the radio onto the floor to sit down on the chair, as she did, her parents watched the radio like it was their prized possession. " So what's happened?" She crossed her arms, as if she was in a strop, she refused to move until they told her. Brian sat up straight, coughed and leaned into her. " Darling, we have some terrible..... horrifying news." Alix leaned in. Was it a adventure? She had always dreamed of going on one. Or was it her grand- dad? She would be lost with out him. " The government have told us, that we will be attacked, by something un-named..."

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