Words Of Warning

I don't have much time, they're coming. On 22/11/13 ,they'll come, the same as they did here. Hug your loved ones, hide for cover, but no matter where you go, they'll find you. They always do.

There's no escape.....

Words Of Warning follows 15 year old Alix Seth, a girl in the paranormal universe. When the world is warned that in two days the world will end. She is stood still, frozen, on the morning of the descruction, Alix is on a mission to travel to the city to find answers to what's coming. As she approaches the city with her best friend Ron, they find the curse of descruction has already begun.

A fight for survival, hope, courage and bravery. Alix is forced to face her fears and fight in order to survive.


1. Bently Warwick #1

My name is Bently Warwick, I am a ex-army officer. I have fourght many in my time including the galactic army of mutants, and narrowing it down to the cyborgs. But this is enough about me, I have had my time, my life, and I threat many of the young people today will not have a chance in life. 


This is my book of legends, if you have heard of me before, young soldier then you will know of my tales, which are no longer tales. The book you are reading now, was sent through time and space, many and myself believe in you people, we may not be heard, or known in your galaxy, but we have ways of finding out about you. 


This book is not to tell you about where we are, who we are, or what do, only to warn you. They are coming fellow soldiers, to your diemension, after ours. By the time you read this it will be too late, I am a paranormal explorer of the open galatic galaxies that have not yet been discovered. Therefore if you do not want to find the fate of your world, read no further, for this book was sent through the diemention, from our time to yours, holding only the questions that you have yet to come, the answers are yet to be discovered by you. By the time this book reaches you, I will be gone, which means they would have already destroyed our world, they're coming for yours.

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