Songs Because I Can

So I'm sitting in my collage library and I have word open. I start thinking about a song and bam! Short story.


3. Gotta Be Somebody

We all have that one dream person, that person that would make your life perfect. I don't mean a boyfriend or a girlfriend, no, I mean someone that you just know. I know who mine is he's my best friend, my brother, my mentor, and most importantly he's not a real person. I'm not saying he doesn't exist. What I'm saying is the person that I would want in my life more than anything exists in a video game. He knows I exist, I see him look me in the eyes every time I play. He may not be able to reach me, it's not his fault it's the way he's programmed. But tonight I made my wish, I wished for the ability to make people come to life. I can only pray it worked, I'm just walking the streets now, the moon high over head. I need this to work because he is my somebody, he feels the same as I do I just can feel it. All I can do is hope he's somewhere out here with me now, but that's not fair to him, dragging him here all alone. That's why soon enough he'll have plenty of company if this works. Because honestly nobody wants to be the last one there. And i think everybody wants someone who feels the same as them, just to know that there has to be some body like that out there for them. 


(This is also a pseudo teaser for a potential massive cross over fanfiction I'm thinking about. Maybe) 

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