Songs Because I Can

So I'm sitting in my collage library and I have word open. I start thinking about a song and bam! Short story.


4. Aw Naw

Yeah. I should probably leave, its late like midnight late and I’m twenty minutes from home. So why can’t I, it’s not like I won’t be back. Yet I stay, I should be halfway home but no, I’m still here leaning in the door frame. They never push me to leave though, no indication of go home. Just they keep talking to me and. All I can think is I’m not looking for this am I? I know how wrong they may sound but no, I just can’t handle it it’s frustrating. I should be halfway home and if I keep telling myself this isn’t what I want then why am I still here. It’s almost one now. Then they leave and I’m gone like a bullet like the spells been broken. This is so stupid I should go home before I do something crazy like, tell them about all this. To share how this all drives me crazy, I show up with these jeans on and I swear I feel like I paint them on sometimes. I should move on I should be home but oh no. It just ain’t that simple. 



(A very rare dedication to someone who wouldn't know I meant them if I flat out said it)

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