Niall Who?

When Ayllah has to move from Holmes Chapel, England to London to live with her Aunt Emily. She has to take her cousin Aleeyah to a boyband concert she finds that they are that bad.


9. The Scars

Ayllah's POV

My eyes shot open with a stinging pain in my face. I started to move away from whatever the pain was when hands pressed my shoulders down onto the cold surface underneath my back. When I calmed down I saw Niall and Zayn leaning over me with rags. "What's going on?" I asked them. "Well when you guys to the hotel all the girls were waiting and you got attacked. Your brother got the front desk to call Paul and the crew and they came to save you. Niall carried you out of the crowd and then AJ took you. He left you here and went with Aleeyah somewhere." Zayn answered while putting peroxide on the rag. He gently dabbed at my face and I winced. "Sorry." his thick accent mumbled. He kept dabbing and I reached out. I found a shirt and gripped it. I heard Niall's chuckle. "Does it hurt?" He asked. "Yes. It does. How about we cut your face and then put peroxide on it." I muttered rudely.

He chuckled. "How about not." Zayn had quit fixing my face and I looked down at my clothes. I realized then that I was naked except for a bath towel covering my body. My eyes got wide. "Don't worry. Niall was the one that took your clothes off." Louis said walking into the bathroom. He winked and I glared but turned bright red. "Where's AJ?" I asked. The boys just all looked at each other. I sat up forgetting about my towel. "Where. Is. My. Brother?" I asked more forcefully. I noticed all the boys staring at my chest. I realized that they weren't looking at my boobs but my scars. I grabbed the towel. Tears were already forming as I got up off the floor. I held the towel in front of me and I ran out of the bathroom. I ran into the bedroom and shut the door. I slid my bare back down the door to sit. I moved the towel and looked at my scars.

I had two scars. One on each side of my chest. I heard I knock on the door. "Ay! Let me in." Niall said from the other side of the door. "Go away!!" I screamed through my tears. "Now Ayllah. We both know that's not what either of us want but fine. I'll go." I heard muffled footsteps and then silence. I rested my head on the door. I finally stopped crying and started to fall asleep when my bare but was scooted across the floor as the door was pushed open. "Ayllah. I'm coming in." I heard Zayn's thick accent. I got up and walked to the bed still holding the towel to my chest. I sat down as he walked in. "What's all this about?" He asked sitting next to me. "You can trust me. I won't tell anyone." I looked away and took a deep breath.

I moved away the towel. "These scars are from my dad. He wanted another boy not a girl. Three years ago I was raped by my dad's boss. The day after it happened I was sitting at home and my dad came home from work. He said, 'So my boss said that you came onto him yesterday.' He walked into the kitchen and came back out. He had a large knife in his hand. I sat up on the couch and scooted away from him. 'Dad I didn't want what happened to happen. I didn't come onto him. I swear.' I pleaded with him. He still kept coming towards me.  He was right next to me now and he said, 'This wouldn't have happened if you were a boy. I'm gonna fix this.' He sat down next to me and pulled my body to him." I stopped and looked up at Zayn. His eyes were filled with compassion and hatred all the same. "Ayllah I'm here for you." He said putting his hand on my cheek.

I nodded and continued. "I was screaming and kicking trying to get away from him. He wouldn't let go. Finally he ended up sitting on my stomach with his knees on my arms. He put a towel in my mouth so I'd stop screaming. I started to cry when he cut open my shirt. He cut through my bra. He held the knife here," I put my hand on one of the scars to show where. "And he started to cut. He didn't get very far and started on the other side. The front door swung open and AJ walked in. 'What are you doing?!?' He yelled at my dad. He ran at him and tackled him off the couch. The knife was knocked out of his hand." I moved the towel off my lap and showed him my thigh. "The knife stabbed me. I screamed out again.  I looked over at AJ and my dad. My dad was ontop of AJ trying to choke him. I ran and started kicking him. He finally looked up at me and AJ knocked him off. He threw his jacket at me, 'Put his on' I slipped his jacket on and stood there watching. Finally my dad had just given up and AJ finally grabbed my hand and walked out. We walked down the dark Holmes Chapel road until a woman came upon us. By this time my chest was really hurting. 'Excuse me but you guys look lost. Do you need anything?' She asked. My brother spoke for me. 'Well my sister was attacked and we would like to get her cleaned up.' The woman nodded, 'What are your names darling?' AJ looked down at me and I nodded 'I'm AJ Rose and this is my twin Ayllah.' The woman smiled. It was a warm sight. 'Well my name is Anne. And my husband Robin and I would be glad to help you out for the night. My son Harry was supposed to be home tonight but couldn't make it so I've got a huge supper made.' She led the way to her house and helped clean me up and everything. I even became friends with her daughter Gemma." I looked back up at Zayn.

"Did you know that Harry's mum's name is Anne and her husband's name is Robin and Harry has a sister named Gemma?" He asked me. "No I didn't." I said.

I met Harry Styles' mum before I even knew about One Direction. Wow.

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