Niall Who?

When Ayllah has to move from Holmes Chapel, England to London to live with her Aunt Emily. She has to take her cousin Aleeyah to a boyband concert she finds that they are that bad.


1. London

"Come on!!" my aunt yelled at me from the car in my driveway. Well my old drive way. I turned and shut the red door of the house that I've lived in for 17 years and let my hand linger on the knob. I blinked as a few tears fell on the porch that not a week ago I was sitting with my mum and dad.

They just passed in a car accident. My twin brother is in the states and hasn't found out yet. His name is A.J. and we look alike except he's a boy and I'm a girl. We both have vibrant green eyes and sandy blonde hair. And we are the same height.

I let go of the knob and walked out to the car with my bag hung over my shoulder. I climb in the back seat behind my cousin Aleeyah who is only 15. She hooked her iPod up to the car stereo and started blasting some pop music. I put my headphones in and fell asleep listening to some Evanescence.


~~~3 and a half hours later~~


"GET UP!!!" I heard as my headphones were ripped from my ears by my cousin. I shot straight up in the backseat. "You don't have to yell Aleeyah." I snapped.

"Someone's a little grumpy." she mumbled as she opened the trunk to get my boxes. "No! Someone's upset because I have the right to be!" I basically yelled at her, grabbing the box she held. As I walked up to the house, Mouse, their dog decided to jump on me. I screeched and fell backwards into the mud in the yard.

"You stupid dog!!!" I yelled at him standing up all covered in mud. I looked over to see the spilled contents of the box I was carrying. I bent down to pick up all of the memories of my parents that had scattered on the ground.

"You don't have to yell at him." Aleeyah said reaching down to pet the white great dane. I reached down and picked up the frame that lay face down in the mud. I turn it over to see the glass cracked and the mud had seeped through onto the picture of my parents and my brother and I. I screamed and fell to my knees. I let the tears mix with the mud as I cried.

I felt my Aunt's arms wrap abound my shoulders and i cried even harder. This will be hard.


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