Niall Who?

When Ayllah has to move from Holmes Chapel, England to London to live with her Aunt Emily. She has to take her cousin Aleeyah to a boyband concert she finds that they are that bad.


12. Family Fued

Ayllah's POV

As Aydin held me in a headlock I realized that I could die. I was alright with that. One move and it was all over. No more pain. No more suffering. No more confusion. I caught eyes with Niall. We stared at each other until I felt the relief of his hands gone. I whipped around and saw him standing there. He looked up. His eyes softened and he looked at me. "Ayllah. I'm so sorry." He tried pleading with me. I ran my hand through my hair. "No. Aydin." I said stepping away from him. "I'm leaving. And I don't ever wanna hear your voice again." I turned towards Aleeyah. "You're a backstabbing bitch. I don't ever wanna see your face ever." I started to walk off. Then I heard Zayn's voice. "Liam! Liam! Where are you going?" I heard footsteps. Someone grabbed my arm. "Do you need to talk about anything?" Liam asked him as he spun me around.


Liam's POV


She nodded and I walked with her to the train station. When we were on the train I waited for her to start talking. She never did so I started. "So what brought you to this mess?" She looked up at me. "I slept with Zayn." I felt my jaw drop. "He has a girlfriend. Her name's Perrie." She put her head in her hands and shook it. "I also slept with Niall. Right after I slept with Zayn basically." My jaw just broke off. "Oh god. Not little Niall." I heard her sob and I just scooted over and pulled her into my lap. I rubbed my hands slowly over her back. "It's alright. Just talk to them when we get back." She nodded and leaned her head on my chest.

I had no idea what to do. Ayllah's just so beautiful. Even when she's crying. I know that Niall really likes her and all but I can't help but to fall for her. Her blonde hair. Her green eyes. The way she laughs and giggles. I've only been with her for like a day and a half and I think I might already love her. The only ever girl I've felt this way about was Dani. That didn't work out too well. I decided to keep my thoughts to myself when I realized that she had fallen asleep with her head on my chest.

When the train stopped we got off and walked back to the hotel. We talked about the most random things. When we got to the hotel we were the first ones back and it was already 10:30 at night. "Well I'll be going." She said as she walked back to her room. I waved and walked into my room.

What have I gotten myself into?


Ayllah's POV

I sighed as I laid on the bed. My casted elbow aching like my heart. I closed my eyes for a bit when there was a knock on my door and my brother's voice coming from the other side. "Hey! Ayllah. Open the door. Please. I need to talk to you." He pleaded from the other side. "NO! Go away Aydin!" I yelled. The knob started to turn. Shit! Forgot to lock the door. I reached down and grabbed my shoe as Aydin walked in. I threw the shoe and hit him in the face. "GET OUT!" I screamed. He didn't leave. I got up to go after him and he started backing away. "Ayllah. Stop! You know I'm sorry. You know! Don't make me mad Ay. You know I can't control it." He started to get mad. I was still walking towards him shouting insults. I finally snapped and took off at him. Just before I got my hands around his neck, arms were thrown around my waist.

"Ayllah! It's not worth it!" Niall's voice from behind me rang out over my shouting of insults. Aydin was standing there with a smirk on his face like he won. "You're so stupid I wish you'd die!" My thrashing stopped, and so did my voice. Aleeyah walked up behind Aydin. "That was highly uncalled for!" Niall scolded her. "I don't care! It's true!" Another stab to the heart... I ripped myself out of Niall's arms and ran into the bathroom. I knew he was following me but I was faster. I got there and slammed the door, locking it. I reached into the cupboard behind the mirror, grabbing out the razor. I turned on the water and pressed the blade onto my wrist. I slowly slid the blade across my arm. The red liquid beading up. I sighed in relief. I cut four more short ones and 5 long ones.


I feel so much better.

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