Niall Who?

When Ayllah has to move from Holmes Chapel, England to London to live with her Aunt Emily. She has to take her cousin Aleeyah to a boyband concert she finds that they are that bad.


10. Did That Really Just Happen?

Ayllah's POV

"That's pretty cool." I said laughing. I had forgotten about my towel and started talking to Zayn about random things. "You're eyes are very beautiful." He said out of nowhere. I giggled. "Thanks Zaynie." I looked down. I felt his hand come to my chin. "You're gorgeous. Don't ever hide your face." I felt my cheeks flush as he made me look at him. Looking form my eyes to my lips, he slowly started leaning in. I closed my eyes and felt magical when his lips met mine. I immediately kissed back. He laid back and pulled me on top of him. The towel completely forgotten. He sat up and I was sitting on his lap as he pulled his shirt off. I ran my hands over his tattoo on his shoulder. My hands knew what to do and they went to his trousers. I started to unbutton them and he stood up off the bed to kick them off. He boxers went with his pants to a corner of the room. He got on the bed ontop of me.


When I opened my eyes, my head was laying on Zayn's chest. I looked up at his face. He was sleeping peacefully. I panicked and ran to the bathroom. I was sitting in the bathroom when there was a bang on the wall. It sounded like it was coming from Aleeyah's room. I got up and wrapped a bath towel around my body. I poked my head out the door. I glanced at the clock on the wall. 3:00 PM.... Hmm. I walked to Niall's room. When I opened the door I peeked in. I saw Niall sitting on the bed with his laptop on his lap. When he saw me he snapped his laptop shut and basically threw it off the bed.

"Hey!" He chimed. He patted the bed next to him. "Come sit by me." I chuckled and walked to the bed. I sighed. "What's on your mind babe?" He asked. I just looked at his blue eyes. Before I said anything I threw leg over him so I was straddling him. I kissed him hard and passionately. His hands ripped the towel off of me.


I got off of Niall breathing heavily. "Wow." He muttered while pulling up the blankets around us. I laughed. "You weren't a virgin were you?" I asked him. His face turned a pink color. "Well I was. Until that little adventure." His Irish accent said sounding more hoarse. My mouth dropped. "Oh god. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to force it on you. I'm so sorry." I flew off the bed, grabbing  the towel in the same movement. I wrapped it around me and ran to Aleeyah's room. I was banging on the door.

"Aleeyah!! Open the door!! Please!!" I heard giggling on the other side. "Aleeyah!" I yelled again. I heard someone's voice. "Leeyah... Someone's at your door."  It sounded like AJ's but it couldn't have been. Just then the door opened and only Aleeyah's head was sticking out. "Who is it?" Now I was for sure that it was AJ. I pushed the door open and there stood my brother. Naked. With a hard on. And Aleeyah also stood there naked. "Ayllah. I can explain." He started to say. "No need to. You kept this from me. We aren't supposed keep secrets." I walked into Niall's room. He was asleep. I went to his closet and grabbed a shirt and sweatpants. I walked back into the bathroom to grab my phone off the counter, my wallet and to slip on SUPRAS. I walked out and down the stairs. The girls were still in the lobby from before. I around the outside edge of the crowd. I finally got out of the building without any of them noticing me.

I walked through London until I found a train station. I walked up to the ticket booth. "Hello. How can I help a beautiful lady like you?" The man said behind the glass. "One way ticket to Holmes Chapel please?" He nodded and typed and printed some things. "ID please." I opened my wallet and grabbed it out and handed it to him. "Ayllah Rose? Pretty. Well here ya go. Next train should be here anytime." He handed me my ID and ticket. I walked over to a bench and had just got sat down when my phone started buzzing. I looked down at the caller ID. Aleeyah. I hit ignore and got up when the train got here. Time to go home.




"She ignored it." Aleeyah said pacing back and forth. "Call her again." Zayn said coming out of his room and into the hallway. His hair all messy and wearing only his boxers. "Nice of you to join us. Harry's gone back home to see his mum before we leave for America tomorrow." Liam said speaking up. "Aleeyah. Call my sister back." I said basically growling at her. She quickly dialed again. Almost as soon as she clicked send she took the phone from her ear. "She turned her phone off." Niall hit the wall. "Where would she go?" He said getting in my face. "Back up. Get out of my face. This isn't my fault." I said putting my hands up. "Bullshit it's not your fault! If you would've just told her about you and Aleeyah then she wouldn't have left!" He yelled at me. I paused for a moment. "She'd go see Anne." I realized. I saw Zayn's head shoot up. "I know where she's at or on her way to." He ran into his room and came out with pants and shoes on and a shirt in his hand. "Let's go!" He started down the hallway.

Why did I do this to my own sister? I asked myself. Oh right. Because I'm a dumbass.

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