Niall Who?

When Ayllah has to move from Holmes Chapel, England to London to live with her Aunt Emily. She has to take her cousin Aleeyah to a boyband concert she finds that they are that bad.


8. A Day With Ayllah


When we got back to the hotel I watched as Niall and Ayllah interacted with each other. They laughed and smiled. I haven't seen Ayllah this happy with a boy since Trent. My thoughts were interrupted by screaming. I looked away from my twin and saw what seemed like millions of girls in the lobby. When they saw Niall come through the doors, the whole crowd pushed forward. I was a good 5 feet away from Niall and Ayllah and I heard the insults being thrown left and right. Clothes being torn. I heard a scream that sounded like Ayllah. I tried to push my way to them but they were overtaken by the crowd. I didn't know what to do so I ran to the desk. "Hey! Get me One Direction's managers! The Irish one is over there in that crowd with my sister!!!" I basically yelled at the woman, who was just staring at me. She grabbed her phone and dialed a number. I heard yelling on the other end. Then large thuds and then a ding. Then the elevator dinged and out came several large men and the rest of One Direction.

A large man came up to me. "My name's Paul. Where are they?" I pointed to where all the girls were converged. "Somewhere in there. Please. Help."  I watched as he ran back to the big guys and they started pushing through the crowd. I was so busy watching the crowd that I didn't know One Direction were standing behind me. Until one of them spoke, "Who are you?" I turned around to see that it was one with dark eyes and darker skin. "Well I'm Ayllah's twin brother AJ. Who are you?" I asked back. "Well I'm Zayn Malik." He said it like I should have known who he was. Just then the elevator dinged and out walked Aleeyah.

Before I tell you anything else I think you should know this. Aleeyah is not really our cousin and her mum is not our aunt. My mum and her mum were the bestest of friends. They lived as neighbors until they graduated high school. Emily moved to London to go to University and my mum stayed in Holmes Chapel and married my dad. Emily and my mum stayed friends and every weekend before the accident we go to London and visit. Which in turn started a relationship between Aleeyah and I.  No one knew about it but us and Emily.  Not even my sister.

When Aleeyah saw me she ran at me and jumped into my arms. I hugged her so tight. "AJ! I missed you so much!" she whispered in my ear. I put her down and she leaned up and kissed me. Hard on the mouth. My knees got week and I felt my stomach do backflips. She pulled away just as Paul came through the mob with Niall carrying Ayllah right behind him. There were big dudes all over the place surrounding them. I looked at Ayllah and saw that her clothes were torn, her hair was ratty, and she had scrapes and cuts all over her body. Niall had a few scratches but not as bad as my sister. I walked up to them and before I could get to them a big dude stopped me. "Who are you?" He asked with his hand on my shoulder. "I'm that girls brother." I said. He moved his hand and I walked up to Niall. "Give her here." I growled at him. Without protesting he handed her over to me. I carried her bridal style. "Someone show me what room I'm taking her to." Niall reached into his pocket and pulled out a room key. "645" He led the way to the elevator and pushed the up button. I followed him into it and Aleeyah was behind me. 

I looked down and an unconscious Ayllah. "Why did I ever leave her alone?" I whispered to myself.

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