Fire and Ice

Fire, ice, wind, earth, the main elements in everyday life given the responsibility of saving the world. Originally the four elements worked together to stop earth from being destroyed but then tradition changed. With the new defenders on earth and with the element of earth split between brothers a new group stands to defend the world. With new powers such as magical swords to guns with elemental powers to even controlling and everyday item such as metal and more added to the new group, they must all stick together or Earth will be lost in a world of chaos and war. Will the teens stick together thick and thin? Or will the stress tear them apart and turn them against each other? With love and drama along with family problems and bully’s at school, we follow these teens and there struggle. With the fate of the world placed in their hands, will they be able to fend off the attacks of Akinori and his empire?


1. A New Day



A new day, a new school, the only thing that hasn't changed is I am still going to school with my best friend, Takumi. Takumi and I have been together since we were little. We were born in the same hospital, and the rooms were right next to each other but he was born two hours before me. We both have been through bullying together. Me, because my name was Japanese when I lived in America. Takumi told them to leave me alone. Takumi was bullied because he had two moms witch I never really got when I was little because they were always so nice. After all, my mom and dad met thanks to them. Of course that was when we were little. "Ok! Ready for school?" Takumi said as he meet me outside his door. "Yeah.....Sure....I guess....." I replied "Oh come on, Yoko! It might be better this year!" "I doubt it......In case you haven't noticed, I have the worst luck ever". "Well...." "You know I do" there was a bit of silence then Takumi said " You always have me! I'll be there for you through everything!" That made me smile knowing that I had such a good friend like him "Thanks" I said. "Should we go then?" Takumi gave me his usual smile "Lets go!" And with that we were on our way.



I realize that Yoko has had it tough with her mom passing away when she was little along with her grandma dieing, being separated from her father, her four ex-boyfriends who all played her, and her old best friend who basically was going out with Yoko's boyfriend Eito, and the worse is living with Chiika. I know, how does this all happen to one girl? We don't know, it's still a mystery to us but I can't help but feel like she thinks it's because of her. All I can do is be there for her. I wish I could do more. We walk up to the school we are going to attend. Seems nice. We were here the day before to find our class and take a tour so we would know where we would be going thankfully. Going through the school doors and straight to our class where our new lives begin. I hope I can convince her to make some new friends but she will probably refuse.




This is so boring. I shouldn't have come to school today. I picked up my notebook and started drawing in it when I got a kick from behind me. It was my sister, Shizu. "You are supposed to be listening!" She whispered to me. I whispered back "I tried.....I just cant so leave me be...." And continued to draw. Then the teacher spoke out "Ah!! Here you are! I was about to think you two got lost!!" Might have been the twins again, but they never get lost, they just skip. "Ah! Sorry we are running a bit late!" Said a voice. I looked up to see a boy and a girl standing there. I guess they were new students or something. "Whats up with your hair?" Asked one of the boys. I studied their hair. The boy had blonde hair witch wasn't that strange cause a lot of people doe their hair blonde, except for mine is natural, but the girl had orange hair. She didn't seem to pay attention to the boy. "Be quiet!" The teacher said "You two can introduce yourself and tell us where your from!" The boy spoke out "Well, I am Takumi and this is Yoko and we are both from America. California to be exact!" "Oh! How exciting!" the teacher said looking happier than ever. "You guys can site right over there" She said as she gestured to the seats on my right and Shizu's right. The boy, Takumi, and the girl, Yoko, walked over to their seats and sat down.

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