Just Your Extra

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  • Published: 11 Sep 2013
  • Updated: 11 Sep 2013
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Kaye is definitely not Kaei who is the lead actress of a theatrical play "Moulin Rouge" but she is indeed jealous of the girl-in-the-spotlight. Being a janitor is the closest path to her dreams but definitely still very far away. Join Kaye as she journeys towards her dreams. Will she have the happy ending of rocking the stage or remain as their extra and background helper?


3. TWO

     Just as usual, you will find me with my partner. Well, its this stupid mop that can barely remove dirt from the floor. Its yarns seem to be dyed in black and was combed a hundred times due to its untangled strands. Plus, no one in the place besides me care about this theater for the reason that I found it paradise. Just one step Kaye, just one step and you'll be the star. 

     It's early morning yet the dust is wise enough to find its way over and over. I pace towards the stage and imagine myself standing in front of the crowd hearing me sing "Come What May" as I glide around the stage with a handsome guy. I then project my face in an appreciating motion with tear eyed look as if appreciating the audience as they yell "Bravo" and "Magnifico" and wipe the tears of joy from the success of the play. "Thank you, thank you." I repeat anew dramatically. 

      The entrance door creaks open.

     "Mrs. Maritez! Good Morning." I greet her but receives no response. She comes toward my direction with her mouth ready to yell and eyes ready to snap our presence. She's no longer the benign Mrs. Marinez that I know of. 

      "Kaye!" She says sharply. "I trusted you. The director has many violent reactions to you and to the theater. Said they will find something better cause this place is for rats! Said t'was dirty! And that you don't listen to him? That he's not your boss? OUR COSTUMERS ARE OUR BOSS! " Mrs. Maritez yells and scratches her head in disgust. "Do these happens all the time?" 

      "Maam, you must have mistaken." I enunciated. 

       "No. You're fired." 



       "Please let -" 

       "Oh PLEASE Kaye, I don't want anyone complain anew. You're fired, I'm sorry. That's my denouement, its final." She turns her back to me and leaves the building, leaving me alone crying as my tears hit the ground. And I hit the ground. 



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