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  • Published: 11 Sep 2013
  • Updated: 11 Sep 2013
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Kaye is definitely not Kaei who is the lead actress of a theatrical play "Moulin Rouge" but she is indeed jealous of the girl-in-the-spotlight. Being a janitor is the closest path to her dreams but definitely still very far away. Join Kaye as she journeys towards her dreams. Will she have the happy ending of rocking the stage or remain as their extra and background helper?



     KRING. KRING. Well that definitely pushes aside the sleepiness that entangles me. I turn off the alarm and surprises myself when I see the time. It's 5:50 PM. Shit! Why would I oversleep? This is totally crazy, I ain't depressed or something. I grab a bread from the fridge and bath myself with perfume. I run the fastest my legs allow and run past the perilous high ways just to reach my destination sooner I can allow. Money. I can't afford deductions especially if I'm renting a far comfortable studio room. Sweat runs its way on my skin and didn't bother to wipe it. It's not as important as my job. 

    Finally the building comes into view. 

    "Yes. It's open." I exhale. 

     With heavy breaths, I enter the place and all eyes are on me. The star in my just smiled and brings myself down the aisle with the poise I studied for years. Ten feet away lies the the mop and other cleaning materials. Since the curtain is remained close, I bet I can manage cleaning fast. 

   Mrs. Meritez comes to me with an annoying and questioning look. She raises her left eyebrows. 

      "Maam, really I am sorry for being late." Words jumble and I can't choose the right words. Failing, I end into biting my lower lip. "Ugh."

       "What late? Can't you remember?" 

       "What Maam?" 

       "You were -"

     "FIRED!" I remember. I was so stressed thinking about my priorities that I forgot about being fired. 

      The world blurred and my legs are heavier. I can barely breathe. I feel weak. I am falling... falling... falling... 

     "Kaye!" The Christian in the play, Brix, comes rushing to my direction. "Not you too. Please don't swoon, we need you." I can hear his heart beating hard, must be he's nervous. 

        I eye him.

        "Kaie won't be around for the play. She swooned because of the crowd and you need to change her. You're the only chance. The only one who knows about the story wholeheartedly. 

          In response, I nod.

        Things are so damn fast, well yeah that's what happens when you are enjoying. I can merely remember what happened until I find myself saying the last conversation of Satine and Christian. 

         "I'm sorry Christian, I'm dying."

         "No, you'll be alright"

        "I'm so sorry, Christian. I'm sorry. I'm cold. Hold me. You've got to carry on without me, Christian. "

         "I  can't carry on without you."

         "You have so much to give. "


         "Ye. Tell our story, Christian. "

         "I love you."

         "Tell our story, Christian, that way I'll always be with you. "

       "Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and then on not-so very special day, I sat down at my type-writer and I wrote down our story. A story about a time, a story about a place, a story about the people. But most importantly, a story about love. A love that will live forever. The end. "

         I stare into Christian or rather to Brix and that moment, my emotions flood over me. Over us. 

         I found this story a tragedy so long ago. 

         "Ladies and Gentlemen, Moulin Rouge!" 

         As the emotions grow larger, I feel myself living the life of Satine. In love in her last days to the guy who loved her the most. 

        "Come what may." I whisper to the air. 

         Come what may. 

         A tragedy indeed. 






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