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  • Published: 11 Sep 2013
  • Updated: 11 Sep 2013
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Kaye is definitely not Kaei who is the lead actress of a theatrical play "Moulin Rouge" but she is indeed jealous of the girl-in-the-spotlight. Being a janitor is the closest path to her dreams but definitely still very far away. Join Kaye as she journeys towards her dreams. Will she have the happy ending of rocking the stage or remain as their extra and background helper?


2. ONE

     "Oh Shit." I mumble as the mop bends for the hundredth time. "Not anymore please," I beg the mop insanely. Eleven minutes left for me to clean up the theater; seems like the actors and actresses would be around soon, not that it matter but I just love to watch their rehearsals. 

      Secretly I envy them. 

     "Kaye!" Yells Mr. Tom who is the director of the play. Basing from his eyebrows that seem to line, he is absolutely far from chilled out, nevertheless I look to the direction of the voice calling. 

     "Not you," he says sharply to me. "You're not an actress but a janitor. What would I do with you, so obviously I won't call you!" He adds without looking in my direction with his chin parallel to the ground.  "Kaie Grande, the leading lady who portrays Satine," he shouts toward the group of people entering the theater. "Come here. Fast."

    The team has been practicing day and night for the theatrical play two days from now while I am around with them, not to join them but to clean their leftovers and secure the theater.

      It all started last month when I was accidentally included in a scandal with Mae, my bestie, that my parents grounded me from going out, party, and hangouts. I was even deprived from doing things that are so called 'non sense'. Other than that, my parents opposed my plans in joining theatrical plays, little did they know about my talent onstage. What a shame for them to think of this as a perilous commitment. Said that these stuff won't make me money. Like what rebels do, I left the house and found a job; so close yet so far from my dream. 

     See, I ended up as a janitor. I had no choice. This is the closest place I can reach my dream and that I badly need money. 

   "Kaye, kindly arrange the props. The rehearsals will start in a minute." Mrs. Maritez requests me. Unlike Mr. Tom, she is kind and adorable. This Theater Of Love And Harmony is owned by Mrs. Maritez' family. 

     I nod and receives a smile as she turns her back on me. 

     I leave my damaged mop on the cart and pace towards the backstage. 

     "Thank God Kaye you're here. Can you please borrow a copy of the script from Mr. Tom?" A girl with a curly blonde hair named Alicia asks me. 

      "Kaye, please tie the knot." Someone speaks to me. 

      "Wait, Ah Kaye. Kaye come over." Another voice talks, calling me in a hurry.

     "Me first, boy. Kaye! Please ready the kinsmen, they might forget their lines." An unfamiliar voice shout towards me and I shouted, "Sure thing!"

      They confuses me that I didn't bother to listen anymore. It's making me sick. So,  take a deep breath and continued the job my boss ordered me. 

      "One...Two...Three... Action!" Mr. Tomas, the director yells as the first scene starts with a male character typing in front that also serves as little narration and opening of the story. 

      I receive a poke on my shoulder. It was Kaei, same name but another spelling. Her role is Satine and she often approaches me whenever she fails to remember the lines. "What was that again?" She smiles nervously and in character says, " I don't need you anymore! All my life you made me believe that... that someone could err would pay for me! But Christian loves me. He loves me. He loves me. He.. he loves me! A... Uhmm ... He loves me worth everything..." She pause and slapped her forehead. "UGH."

     "Hey, hey, hey. You're just nervous. Let's recite it together, alright?"

     She nods. 

    "I don't need you anymore! All my life you made believe I was only worth what someone would pay for me! But Christian loves me. He loves me! He loves me, Harold. And that is worth everything! We're going away from you, away from the Duke, away from the Moulin Rouge!" 

      I curve my lips for the biggest smile and says encouragingly, "See? I told you. You're a gallant young woman so rock it!" I lean closer and pat her cheeks. 

    Kaie proceeds to the opening, waiting for the next scene when suddenly I heard a whisper, "You deserve the spot light, little janitor." Jolting and scanning my surroundings, no one seems suspicious to be the mysterious person. Who in the world would say that? 

      It's Kaie's turn and she enters the hall to rock the stage. 

      Something someone like me envy the most.

      You deserve the spot light, little janitor. 

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