True Heart

Dakota Grey is just an ordinary girl with an ordinary life. That is, until she meets Alex, a vampire who just can seem to let her go. She learns that she's not an ordinary girl and in fact, she had a whole life before her memory was erased. Together they find out just how small the world really is as they try to piece the puzzle back together.


9. Chapter 9

We sat there all night, me and Alex. Once the sun rose over the hills we went inside. No one noticed and Star and Amber were both still asleep. I couldn't sleep though. I sat at the table all night thinking. What does this mean? Does Star know? Should she know? Yes. I think she should. I have spent too many years not knowing anything to want anyone to be in the same position. I sigh and rest my head on the table. Ugh. I hear Amber get up and a minute later she's making her way down the steps.
"Sleep well?" I ask her once she's in the kitchen.
"In a house full of vampires? Definitely not," she replies. I smile as she opens the fridge.
"You?" she questions. I laugh.
"Nope, I'm pullin' an all nighter," I tell her. She smiles and pulls out a gallon of orange juice.
"Gosh, don't you guys keep any good food in here," she lectures disapprovingly. 
"You want me to get you something?" I ask. She shakes her head no as she pours herself a glass of orange juice. I watch as she takes a swallow before coming over to me. She runs her fingers through my hair and then pulls it into a ponytail.
"So, tell me everything," she prods. I stare at her, confused.
"What?" I gasp. She takes another sip of the orange juice and sits down at the table.
"I just told you I couldn't fall asleep in a house full of vampires and you think I never heard you two come inside?" She snorts in disbelief.
"Just because I'm not a vampire doesn't mean I don't hear these things. I am your sister," she adds. If she heard us them that means Star could have heard more. I hear footsteps in the hallway up stairs.
"Shhh," I hush her. Alex jogs down the steps oblivious to the conversation between Amber and I although I am almost positive he heard.
"Mornin'" he says with a smile in my direction. Amber gives us questioning looks.
"Yes," he nods at Amber. Both of our mouths drop but I have an odd feeling that is not for the same thing.
"No!" I shout at Alex. He laughs and turns back to Amber.
"I like Dakota," he tells her. Amber nods which makes me believe that she knows more then I do. Star comes down the steps, opens her mouth to say something, surveys the area and then decides not to. Smart woman.
"When are Sam and Jay coming?" She questions Alex. He takes his gaze off my eyes and answers.
"Right now," he barely manages to say before the doorbell rings. I sprint to answer it. I open the door and see Sam and Jay standing at the door.
"Hey there stranger, haven't seen you in a while," Jay smiles with his arms wide. I accept his hug and lead them both inside. I see Alex glare at Jay.
"What! You've got a girlfriend," he defends. If only he knew. Alex looks at the ground and Jay's smile grows bigger. A roar outside wipes the smile off his face.
"Did you invite anyone else?" Star asks Alex worriedly. His eyes widen and he shakes his head no. Alex and Jay stand at the door ready to fight. Sam reaches into the cupboard under the sink. She pulls out a black vest. I recognize  it as a bullet proof vest. She tosses it to Amber and helps her strap it on. Next she pulls out a gun for each of us. The two machine guns go to Alex and Jay and the rest go to everyone else. I honestly have no idea what's going on.
"Point and shoot. And don't miss or your dead," Sam lectures. The door bursts into flames. Literally. Alex pulls away what used to be the door and I see so many confusing things. Right outside the door there are at least  50 skyscraper sized dragons of all colors.
"Here's the plan, we're in teams. Sam and Jay  your going after red and orange dragons. Alex and Amber your after yellow and purple dragons. Star, you and I are going after green and blue dragons. From what I've read in books weak spots include eyes and heart. A sudden death is caused by shooting directly through the ear and blowing up in the brain," I order. They listen. I'm actually surprised. They get in their teams and wait for my command. Alex comes over to me and opens his mouth but I interrupt him.
"Alex if your going to make me promise I won't die trust me on this one. I've got it. You were right, I am different person but I'm not happier without you so don't you die ok. Your the only one I trust to take care of my sister," I tell him. He closes his mouth and walks away. I can feel the fire burning away the house.
"For friendship!" I yell above the dragon screeches.
"For freedom!" Jay shouts. Well I've got one on my team.
"For love!" Star screams. I remember Alex said her husband died and I figure since the Lamia Roma sent these that she definitely has something to fight for.
"For the future!" Sam joins in. The house is burning away by the second but I still wait.
"For hope," Amber shrieks. I smile, she must be glad she's got a house full of vampires to back her up.
"For second chances!" Alex's battle cry comes out above them all. I give the signal and we split up. Star and I race out of the burning building and out into the open. I take aim at a giant blue dragon and shoot. The bullet hits the dragon directly in the ear and a second later it comes tumbling to the ground.
"Nice shot," Star comments. I nod. I realize there are too many dragons. We'll never win.
"Cover me," I say. Star nods and I take off running toward a tree. As soon as I start climbing I feel the tree warming up. It's on fire. I climb faster, just barely faster than the fire that is swimming up the tree. I hear another few dragons go down but I know there are too many more. Once I reach a high branch I run to the edge. Flames lick at my feet and I feel the burn. A dragon swoops low under the tree. The fire barely misses my feet as I launch myself off the branch. I land on the dragons back and I clutch it tightly. The dragon flies high again taking me with it. I sit on it like a horse and try to direct it. Bad idea. The dragon starts corkscrewing to shake me off. It feels like the fastest corkscrewing roller coaster times 100. I manage to run it into another dragon and they both start rapidly falling to the ground. In panic, I stand and jump just as the two dragons plunge to the ground. I land on my back heavily. Star comes rushing to my side and I stand shakily with her help.
"There's too many. We'll never kill them all before one of us gets hurt," she exclaims. I think for a second and shoot down another dragon in the process.
"Where's the nearest underground safe house?" I question. She shoots a dragon before answering.
"There's one under the cabin," she responds. That means if we can get under the house we can be safe. Hopefully. I close my eyes and picture Alex. We'll have to go one at a time. I see Alex lying on the ground with his hands wrapped around his chest. I gasp and his eyes flutter open. 
"Dakota?" he moans. I'm surprised I can hear him. He looks terrible, I don't even know where he's injured.
"Alex you need to get Amber underground," I say loudly. He exhales slowly but I don't see him inhale.
"With Jay," he mumbles. I nod and open my eyes. Star is guarding me because I must have fallen down. I stand and she looks worriedly at me.
"We need to split up, you find Sam and Jay and get them underground. I'll find Alex," I tell her.
"He's hurt isn't he," she asks. I don't want to lie to her so I nod. She lowers her head and runs off to find the others. I pause a second. Where was Alex when I saw him. A deep purple dragon dives at me. I shoot it in the heart and it crashes to the ground in front of me. That's perfect! I'll just get on one of the dragon's backs and then I'll be able to see everything. I look for a dragon that seems nice. I know, I know none of these dragons are nice and they're all out to kill us-me but I really don't want a repeat of earlier. I see a small sea green dragon nearby and I wave my arms wildly trying to get its attention. It swoops low and blows a beautiful blueish green flame at me. It's beautiful except the fact that my shirt catches fire because of it. I rip it off leaving behind the tank top I had underneath it but I must not have taken it off quick enough because my fingers catch fire. I blow on them but that only makes the fire bigger. I freak out and jump into the lake. The freezing water cools my fingers. The pain recedes and I exhale. I breathe in before realizing I'm underwater. I swim to the surface and cough up mouthful after mouthful of water. I'm breathing heavily and I still haven't found Alex. A hand grabs my ankle roughly and I feel myself being dragged down. I try to kick free but the hand's grip is too tight. I barely manage to keep my head above the water let alone swim to the edge of the lake. The hand keeps pulling down so I decide to see what it is. I slip my burnt fingers painfully into the hand's and give a hard tug upward. A body comes up through the water and I feel the hand's grip switch to my hand. My eyes widen incredibly when the body's head breaks the surface. My bottom lip quivers.
"Alex!" I gasp as I fight to keep him above the surface. His eyes open slightly and a small smile plays on his lips.
"Hey there beautiful," he croaks. A tear slides down my face as I attempt to swim both of us to the edge of the lake. Alex's grip loosens and I begin to get tired. I grip his hand with both of mine which makes my legs work double time.
"Alex," I cry. His hand comes out of the water and weakly rests on my cheek. I swim faster trying to reach the shore quicker.
"No," I scold. He will not die. Not in my arms. Not now. Dragons roar overhead and I hear the fireball a second before it crashes into us. It was that same dragon that hit me earlier. The fire slams into water creating a giant splash that sinks Alex and I. The heat explodes underwater and it blows both of us onto the shore. I land on my chest and all the air is knocked out of me. It takes a few seconds before I can breathe again. I stand unsteadily on my feet and walk over to Alex who landed on his back and hasn't moved since. 
"Alex?" I ask quietly. His eyes open briefly but close just as quickly. He doesn't even acknowledge I'm there. I lift his shirt up and almost scream. From below his collarbone to middle of his ribs looks like charred raw meat. It's a 3rd degree burn. And a bad one at that. Alex groans and his smile reappears.
"Snot that bad," he reassures. I sigh frustratedly at him.
"I leave you for 5 minutes and you injure yourself," I lecture. His smile grows bigger but it turns into a wince. How do I save him? I mean, right now I'm a sitting duck and Alex's burns are already starting to swell.
"Vampire blood heals," he mutters. That's perfect! If only he had told me that sooner. I open my mouth and gently press my non-burnt finger to my fangs. My skin rips almost too easily and blood starts to pour out. I put my finger over the Alex's burns and watch as it starts to heal. It works, until my finger closes up. I cut it again and again but it only heals Alex for a minute before closing up again. I need a quicker way to get my blood into his system. I've got it! I press my wrist to Alex's lips and he opens his eyes questioningly.
"Drink," I order. Alex looks reluctant but he eventually opens his mouth and gently bites my wrist. He takes great gulps and I begin to feel nauseas. I feel Alex strengthening by the second. He lets go of my wrist and I sigh weakly. I stand and pull him to his feet. He winces but doesn't complain. His burns have begun to swell but my blood has stopped it. He leans heavily on me and I walk slowly toward the cabin. Fireballs land all around us but none hit. When we finally reach the cabin I see a metal door on the ground. Letting Alex lean against the wall I pull the door open swiftly. I lead Alex down the steps and stare into the dim light. I see Star and Sam standing in the small room. 
"Where's Amber?" I ask Star. I notice Jay isn't here either.
"I thought she was with Alex," she defends. I turn to Alex who sits on the ground before answering.
"I sent her to Jay," he says looking at Sam who was his partner. I almost don't want to hear her answer.
"Jay went to find you two," she explains pointing to me and Alex. My jaw drops. That means Amber never made it to Jay and they're both out there somewhere. I race to the metal door and rip it open. Smoke pours in and I am forced to wait before doing anything. Once the smoke clears I step out into the battlefield but stop myself. A body lies sprawled out on the ground. Burns cover the skin entirely and I almost don't recognize who it is. Blood pours out of multiple injuries and a gun lays a few feet in front of the body. Tears stream down my face in great pools and I hear Alex come up beside me. He wraps his arms around me and I bury my head in them. The only spot of the body that isn't burnt is the right foot. Through my tear blurred eyes I see the tell-tale blood red tipped silver flame.


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