True Heart

Dakota Grey is just an ordinary girl with an ordinary life. That is, until she meets Alex, a vampire who just can seem to let her go. She learns that she's not an ordinary girl and in fact, she had a whole life before her memory was erased. Together they find out just how small the world really is as they try to piece the puzzle back together.


7. Chapter 7

I  wake up in a hospital. Well I kind of expected to wake up in a hospital but I didn't expect to see a doctor standing by the side of my bed.
"Hi, my name is Dr. Sanare," he tells me. I sigh and turn the opposite way. My wound is still healing which means I haven't been here more then 4 hours.
"Name?" He prods. I look at him questioningly.
"I just need some name so we don't mix up your charts with someone else's," he reassures me. I nod and say the first name that comes to mind.
"Lucille," I say.
"Ball," I add quickly. Great now I've just told him my name is the same as an actor who played on I love Lucy.
"Funny," he replies. I'm afraid he won't take the name but he writes it down and looks back up at me.
"You have a visitor," he continues. Alex. 
"I don't want to see him," I say decisively. Suddenly Dr. Sanare looks very uncomfortable.
"Um, it's a young woman who says her name is Amber Grey," he explains to me. Oh. Whoops. Amber Grey. Sounds familiar. Maybe. Not. One second. Almost there. Oh! Oh my goodness. I cannot believe my sister showed up here. Now. Well boy do I have some explaining to do.
"Send her in," I sigh. He leaves and in walks a young girl with light brown hair. She has bright blue streaks in her hair and aqua eyes. Maybe I'm not the only one with explaining to do.
"Hey, Am," I smile.
"Hey Koda," she responds using the childhood name I hate.
"Or is that even your name now," she retorts. Well, lets see I've been Amy, Scarlett, and Lucille so far. 
"You need back surgery," She shrieks at me.  Wait, what?
"How do you think I'm going to pay for that?" She yells.
"I'm not getting that surgery," I mutter. She looks at me as if I'm crazy.
"What?" She screams.
"Shhhh, look, I'm not exactly human, anymore," I whisper.
"So what, your like a vampire or something?" She giggles as if I just said the most ridiculous thing in the world. I smile. Her face becomes serious so I tell her everything. And I mean everything. She listens intently while I finish.
"So your telling me you met a stalker, found out you like him, he turned you into a vampire and our grandmother is part of some secret group," she responds with one eyebrow raised. I nod.
"I don't believe you," she states. My mouth drops and I wait for her to continue.
"For one, I called our parents today and they said grandma has locked herself in her room again with war nightmares. Two, no one was seen with you when they found you lying on the ground in front of your apartment. And three, the paramedic Hannah, she wasn't supposed to be at work today at all so no I don't believe your story. Are you sure you didn't hit your head," she explains. I just stare at her. I'm not a vampire? But. Alex and Sam and Jay? I, but. I wish I had a picture or something to prove I am. But I don't. Wait, vampires have black blood. I dig in my pocket and pull out a pocket knife. I hold it to my wrist.
"What the heck is wrong with you!" My sister screams. I put the knife away. Probably not a good idea to show her blood. What else is different. Oh! My mark. I roll onto my back and lift up my shirt.
"Do you see anything?" I ask her.
"Other then a very disgusting scab no," she retorts. Crap. That means the knife went where my mark is. I pull down my shirt and roll back over.
"What are you trying to do?" She questions. I sigh.
"I'm trying to prove that I am a vampire," I hiss. She rolls her eyes.
"Just, think about having the surgery. And promise me you won't die in the process," she says in disgust as she walks out of the room. Promise me you won't die. My promise to Alex rings through my ears. Promise me I won't have to go to your funeral. I need to find them. I figure that if I get off the bed I'll set off an alarm so I lean over to look under the bed and pull out my pocket knife. That's when I realize I've never carried a pocket knife with me. I scan the knife quickly and find silver letters engraved in the wood.  Me promittunt. It says. Stupid Latin. If only I understood it. I sigh then reach under the bed and find wires. Red or green. I hear footsteps coming so I randomly choose green. I cut the wire with the knife and the bed groans. I slide off and grab a black duffel bag off the chair. No alarms were set off so I guess I chose the right one. I start shoving bags of morphine into the bag. Who knows what condition the others are in so I figure I'll take a lot just in case. I hear Dr. Sanare walk in and I freeze.
"Lucy, you have some esplainin to do," he accuses. I turn to him and realize how ridiculous all this is. My bottom lip quivers.
"He's not coming back is he," I say as I drop the bag to the floor. A tear runs down my face and Dr. Sanare drops his clipboard. I wipe the tear from my face and notice its red. Whoops. Dr. Sanare regains his calm and picks up the clipboard.
"Who's not coming back," he asks gently. I shake my head.
"I need to go," I tell him. I leave the bag but grab the pocket knife before walking out the door. Dr. Sanare just stares at me as I walk out the front door. Amber rushes to my side, takes one look at me and then goes into mother-mode. She grabs the knife from me but I hiss at her until she gives it back. She drives me to my place and declares she's staying. I sit at the table and stare at the clock. He is not coming back. Coming home. To me. Back to me. He left. Alex left. Left me. Me. I sit there and cry silently for hours. I can tell Amber tries not to be too worried about my bloody tears. After about two days she gives up.
"All you've done is cried for two days straight. Your burning up with a fever. You need to get out," she pleads. I nod and let her comb my hair. She guides me out the door and down to the bus stop. I hardly notice anything until she sits me in the same seat I sat in the day I met Alex. I grip the knife tightly and try to hold back my tears. Amber holds my hand while I fight through it. Some guy in front of us gets up and leaves behind a slip of paper. Amber leaps from the seat and runs to give it back. She doesn't reach him in time and the bus moves on to the next stop. She comes back to our seat and holds out the folded piece of paper. It has a cursive 'd' on the front.
"What does it say," I ask speaking the first words I've spoken in days. Amber opens it and I read the cursive letters to myself. Look it up. It reads. I start shaking uncontrollably.
"Give me your phone," I order. Amber hands it over and I can tell she is confused.  I quickly look for a translating app and tap on it about 5 million times before it finally opens. I take out the knife and type in the silver letters engraved on the side. 
  Me promittunt- Promise me
I gasp. Alex most certainly gave me the knife. I take another look at the paper and find it odd that the words only take up 1/16 of the page. Amber leans over my shoulder to see what I'm doing.
"Oh, no. Dakota I can practically see the thoughts in your head. Alex did not leave that note for you. You saw it, some 'random' guy accidentally left it on the bus," she lectures. I don't let my hopes fall. Alex has told me through this note to keep hoping. To keep waiting. I tuck the note into my pocket along with the knife. I smile at her.
"Why don't we go home now," I say. She nods and we get off. As we walk home I become very aware of the burning in my throat. Alex never taught me how to take blood from a human without killing them and I don't trust myself to try. When we reach the house I notice a package on the front step. I pick it up and immediately smell something sweet. I rush inside and rip open the package. Inside there are 5 gallon size containers filled with blood.
"What is that," Amber questions from over my shoulder. Darn it. She can not know that I just received blood. Awkward. I see a note on the top and I quickly scan the letter.
Dear Dakota,
Since you liked the juice so much when you came over I decided to send you some.       Love- Mom
I smile because I know this is my grandmother's handwriting. To anyone else it would look the same except for the fact that my mother doesn't dot her i's.
"Oh, um yeah mom sent back some juice I really liked," I explain to her as I take out a gallon. I grab a cup from the cupboard and pour a glass. I take a sip and sigh. My skin cools and I feel a lot better.
"Hungry?" I ask Amber as I drink the rest of the cup.
"You cook?" She says skeptically. I put the gallons in the fridge and pull out a skillet.
"I do now," I reply as I pull out the eggs and milk. I cook her eggs and she watches me intently as if waiting for me to freak out and cry. I slide the plate of eggs down the table and in the same motion I toss her a fork. Her mouth drops open and I pour another glass of blood before sitting down across the table.
"Aren't you going to eat?" She waits. I freeze.
"No, I'm good with this," I say holding up the cup. She frowns at me.
"Your still trying to prove your a vampire aren't you? That means that's-" she retorts. Her eyes widen when she realizes what I'm drinking.
"Wait, I can explain," I plead she starts shaking and backs away from me.
"Explain what? That you killed a human being just so you could pretend to be a vampire? No, I don't believe you and unless your going to tell me that's fruit juice I'm leaving," she responds shakily as she grabs her purse. I set down the glass and sigh.
"It's cranberry juice. I can't get it at stores here," I tell her trying to sound as if I'm confessing the truth. She calms down and sets her bag on the table.
"Man Dakota, you had me worried for a second there," she sighs in relief. I fake a smile. I put the cup in the fridge and decide to forget about everything. About Alex about Sam about Jay. About everything. For Amber's sake. For my sake.


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