True Heart

Dakota Grey is just an ordinary girl with an ordinary life. That is, until she meets Alex, a vampire who just can seem to let her go. She learns that she's not an ordinary girl and in fact, she had a whole life before her memory was erased. Together they find out just how small the world really is as they try to piece the puzzle back together.


6. Chapter 6

We stay silent. All of us. No one knows what to say. No one wants to say anything. I can feel all of their gazes on me. A total stranger risked their life for me because I didn't want to watch 2 vampires fight. Or is it more then that? No. Or maybe I. No. The guards come back but only to collect the dead guard. I wonder how many more of us will be dead be tomorrow. 
"You should really get some sleep," Alex suggests. I stare at him skeptically.
"I'm good," I tell him. What I really want to do is comfort Luke. He seems so upset. I feel so bad. I scoot over to Luke's side and do the first thing that comes to my mind. I slip my hand in his and we sit like that comforting each other with our silence. His hand is soft and reassuring like he doesn't blame me for what happened. From where I now sit I try to decipher the look on Alex's face. The only emotions I can pick out are jealousy, hurt, and fatigue. The rest is a mystery to me. 
"You might want to go back over to your boyfriend. He looks like he might kill me if I hold your hand a second longer," Luke mutters to me. I laugh but that only makes Alex glare at Luke.
"Wanna know a secret," I whisper excitedly to him. He smiles a nice warm smile and it encourages me.
"He's not my boyfriend," I smile. Luke laughs with me and we sit there and laugh like something funny was actually said. I'm laughing so hard tears are streaming down my face and everyone else is staring at us. I don't care. As long as I can sit here and be happy sitting next to Luke. I realize I haven't laughed like this in a long time. I also realize I've never seen Luke smile. We finally calm down and I sigh as I catch my breath.
"Wow, I haven't laughed in a long time," Luke smiles.
"Me neither," I say and that gets us laughing again. No one else talks and there's no other sound except for Luke and I's laughter. Eventually the guards come, bang on the bars and tell us to 'quit making noise'. Of course that made us laugh harder.
"We really should stop," I say between laughs. Luke shrugs his shoulders and keeps laughing.
"Shut up already," Jane growls. I see a smile grow on Sam's lips and suddenly she's laughing with us. 
"Oh my goodness," Jane rolls her eyes but she's laughing too. Shawn and Jay join in and soon we're all laughing. The guards shout at us but we ignore them. For once instead of being fighting individuals we are having fun. Together. All of us. We laugh until we can't laugh anymore and even then we still laugh.
"You know what," I say as I wipe the tears from my face.
"What," Sam giggles.
"I don't even know what was so funny," I reply. We all laugh that remark until a guard comes to the door.
"Who laughed first?" She questions. She's got curly red hair that falls  only a few inches below her chin. The cell gets silent and I gulp. I open my mouth to reply by Dylan interrupts me.
"What if I did," Dylan says defiantly. The guard takes the bait and opens the door.
"Well you spoke first so I'll be taking you with me. Come on," she tells him. He smiles a mischievous smile and leans down right in her face.
"Make me," he boldly challenges. I can tell he's withholding a laugh. The guard punches Dylan in the jaw hard. He looks surprised but controls it in a second. His expression goes back to the same over-confident, sly look that's always there.
"Sat your best shot," he laughs. His jaw turns red and a bruise forms almost immediately. She frowns at him but ignores his challenge.
"You're coming with me," she orders. Dylan rubs his hand along his jaw as if considering.
"Am I?" He asks as if he was actually confused. Great. Now I owe him too. The guard looks as if she'd like to punch him again but she doesn't.
"Yes you are," she retorts as she shoves him against the wall. He fights for breath as she continues to hold him there. He coughs and she lets go.
"Well, I'm not leaving unless you make me so no I'm not going with you," he explains. I can't help but snicker. The guard glares at me and I see warning in her eyes.
"Since your friend here seems to think this is funny then I'll just take her instead," the guard taunts. I decide to play by Dylan's rules.
"How are you going to do that?" I question. This seems to throw her off because the smile is wiped right off her face.
"Well I-" 
"Cassandra!" A guard from outside shouts. The guard, Cassandra, takes in all of our daring looks before responding.
"Coming," she sighs. She reopens the door and takes the time to glare at Dylan before leaving the room. We stay silent in fear of her coming back. No one wants to break the silence.
"I think she liked me," Dylan comments. I giggle considering their whole conversation. Luke and Jane join me and soon we're all laughing again. We only stop once we see sunlight light up the hallway. That's when I realize how hungry we all are. Luke and Jay are the worst but Sam's not far behind. We all hide in the far corner of the cell because of the sunlight that shines into the room. No guards show up and I start to think they've forgotten about us. Or they hope we'll kill each other. I feel over heated and I have to constantly remind myself that the human in here is not allowed to die. Alex and Dylan are the only ones not suffering. Throughout the day no one talks. We're all too warm to do anything. Alex has taken over the job of protecting my grandmother from the hungry vampires in the room. The guards return at dusk. When they reach the door they seem disappointed to see all of us are still alive.
"New prisoners are being brought in at dawn. Here," one guard says as he tosses in packages of blood. The stuff from hospitals. Yuck. Everyone takes one and there are three left over. We sit along the edge and try to make the packages last until dawn. At exactly dawn 3 new prisoners are thrown in with us. 2 females and 1 male. I recognize one immediately.
"Cassandra?" I gasp. The red head guard that punched Dylan now stands in front of all of us as a prisoner.
"Hey," she says sarcastically. I scan the other new prisoners and see that the female has neon purple hair that stands out dramatically. The man has slick black hair and bright golden eyes. I stare fascinated until Alex grabs my hand to distract me.
"Names?" Jay prods the new comers. They stand at the far side of the cell opposite from where the rest of us stand.
"Eric," the black haired vampire replies. I catch Dylan staring at Cassandra. I have to wonder if he likes her.
"Lexi," the purple haired prisoner responds. All signs of friendliness are gone and I see hostility in everyone's eyes so I decide to make a mental list of everyone in the jail cell.
          Guys                                                       Girls
         Alex                                                        Me, Dakota 
         Jay                                                         Sam
         Shawn                                                    My grandmother, Amanda
         Luke                                                       Jane
         Dylan                                                     Cassandra
         Eric                                                         Lexi
I decide not to add Sabrina on the list although I think she should be. 12 that's how many of us there are. Why do they keep adding more vampires into the cell if they want us dead? Unless... Unless they don't want us dead. I let that thought sink in. They are keeping us for something. For what I have no idea. I feel Jay's hand on my arm and turn to him.
"Lexi can read thoughts," he whispers. I take a long look at the new vampires. Lexi looks as though she's in deep concentration, Eric just looks annoyed and Cassandra sits with her arms crossed against the wall. I try to determine what this means. This means she is probably reading my thoughts right now. Wonderful. 
"Look, I know some of you are part of some secret group so spit it out," Cassandra announces. I stare at her questioningly and wait for someone to speak up. I see my grandmother give Alex an odd look and he shrugs his shoulders.
"I am the only member still alive of the Pax Pugnatores group," my grandmother replies.
"Rumor has it its being reformed," Cassandra continues.
"Yes actually," Alex responds. Well no one told me. I honestly wish they had.
"I'd like to join," she adds. My grandmother scans the room for a second then replies.
"All those who wish to join the new Pax Pugnatores group stand next to me," she announces. Alex, Sam, and Jay immediately go to stand next to her. I hesitate and wait like the others. Cassandra walks over and so does Shawn. I look around the room to see that a lot of the vampires left are waiting for me to decide. I slowly walk to Alex's side and Luke follows. Within another second Dylan is on our side too. Eric comes up with Jane and Lexi. That's all of us. Wow.
"Here's the plan, Dylan you and Cassandra are going to create a distraction while the rest of us escape. Then at the last second Jay and I will give you two time to escape," he explains. I start to wonder what I've just gotten myself into. 
"Should be easy enough," Dylan smiles at Cassandra. She smiles back.
"Lets go!" Sam dismisses us. We return to where we had been standing and get ready.
"Stop looking at me like that!" Cassandra shrieks at Dylan. He looks surprised but realization strikes and he calms.
"Like what?" He taunts with a smile on his face.
"Like that!" She screams. Dylan laughs. Cassandra storms over and slaps Dylan. His eyes grow serious and he frowns.
"Do I know you? No? Then get out of my way," he growls. Cassandra's eyes get wide and she steps back. I think Dylan's taking this way too far. I consider telling him to stop.
"You don't know me?" She hisses at him as she cracks her knuckles. His expression softens.
"Hey, I don't hit girls," he warns.
"Sucks to be you," she says as she punches him in the gut. He doubles over and sinks to his knees. His head faces the ground and he groans. Guards come running to the door and take in the scene.
"What's going on in here?" One demands. Cassandra smiles at them and Dylan groans loudly.
"Come with me," the same guard orders. Cassandra walks over willingly to the guard. He is short and has tan hair with sea green eyes. Cassandra nods to the guard and he nods back.
"Lets go! All of you!" He shouts. We listen and file out down the hallway. A few guards join us but most ignore the 12 prisoners being paraded down the hall. Once we reach the door the guard shoves us all into a black van. Mental note: 11 vampires and one human do not fit nicely into one van. The guard drives away and I sit uncomfortably on the metal bench between Alex and Jay. No one speaks because some of the guards came with us. Once the van stops we hear the guard jump out. He opens the door to the van and jumps in.
"Hi, nice to meet you all, my name's Gavin and right now we are above Castle," he explains.
"Castle is an underground society for vampires that are part of Pax Pugnatores. Above ground it is an active museum for humans and the profit from it goes to the technology below," he continues. He introduces the other two "guards" as Owen and Seth. Gavin pulls out a walkie-talkie and tells someone that their ready. Four vampires show up in the already crowded van. The one who seems to be in charge introduces herself as Kelsy. The young teen next to her's name is Brianna and the guy's name is Jasper. The other girl who says her name is Naomi, tells us she is in charge of the technology part of Castle. We wait for what seems like a long time before she tells us its ok to go. Gavin opens the van door and a knife whizzes in. I lands directly in his heart and he falls to the ground dead. A few more are thrown in but we all dodge them. I shrink back into the bench and Alex wraps his arms protectively around me. Cassandra's taken a knife to her thigh, Sam's got a knife in her hip and  Alex has one in his arm. Other than that no one else seems to be hurt. Then I see that Naomi has a knife in her shoulder blade. Alex lets go of me and I decide to check outside. It's very dark and gloomy outside but I still see people exploring the museum. I hear the knife a second before it hits me. I'm thrown forward and stumble to my knees. An instant burn attacks my lower back and I cry out. Alex rushes to my side. I hear people rush out of the museum and there's talk of calling the ambulance. The rest of the vampires have disappeared but Alex stays with me. He leans down and lifts my chin so I'm looking directly in his eyes.
"Listen to me. Carrying you out would create a scene-"
"Your going to leave me?" I choke out. This cannot be happening. I'm dreaming.
"I'm sorry, Dakota just promise me something okay?" His voice is gentle and I can hear the ambulance pulling up to the museum. My bottom lip quivers. This isn't real. This isn't happening. I nod.
"Promise me you won't die. Promise me I won't have to go to your funeral ok? No giving up," He says. His hazel eyes search my blue ones for a second. 
"I promise," I whisper. Once he's satisfied that I've promised he turns back and jogs away leaving me on the ground. Alone. A crowd forms around me and I panic when I can't see Alex anymore. I hear gasps and groans from the crowd and I realize I still have a knife in my back. The paramedics shoo the crowd back and come to my side. I'm still on my hands and knees. One of them bends down to me and tries to get me to respond.
"My name is Hannah and I'm here to help you. Can you tell me what happened?" She asks me. I don't even look at her. I just continue to stare at the ground.
"He left me," I mumble sadly. She looks at me funny and then her and her teammates lift me onto a bed. They roll it into the ambulance and the driver takes off.
"Major injury to the lower back, suffering from shock and possible concussion," Hannah shouts to the others. I'm not in shock. I know exactly what happened. Alex and all the other vampires I thought I could trust just ditched me. Backstabbers. I never want to see them again. Alex's words float in my head again. "Promise me you won't die" he said. I run those words through my head a few times.
"What is your name?" Hannah questions me. I find her very annoying so I decide to ignore her. I think better of that though.
"Scarlett," I tell her. That's a lie but that's what color I feel. Red. Blood red. I feel rejected, alone, ditched, ignored. I make the decision to forget everything about Alex or anyone else for that matter.
"Do you have any family or friends we can call?" She asks gently. I frown.
"I do have a younger sister," I tell her. Yeah one I haven't seen since I was 8. I also have an older sister but I've no idea where she is.
"Can you tell me who you were with," she continues. I hesitate, then remember I don't care about them anymore.
"Alex Trennat," I reply. She frowns at me and I begin to wonder if I said something wrong.
"We're you with someone named Jane Osida?" She questions. Her tone has softened. I figure that must be Jane.
"Yeah," I say. I can feel my wound starting to heal. I gasp. Hannah grabs my hand tightly and leans down to me.
"You'll be ok Dakota," she whispers. She knows me! She knows me. That means Alex told her about me. Great. I sigh and lay my head against the bed.
"Just knock me out already," I groan. Hannah injects a needle into my arm and I black out.


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