True Heart

Dakota Grey is just an ordinary girl with an ordinary life. That is, until she meets Alex, a vampire who just can seem to let her go. She learns that she's not an ordinary girl and in fact, she had a whole life before her memory was erased. Together they find out just how small the world really is as they try to piece the puzzle back together.


5. Chapter 5

I wake to find myself in a cream colored bed. I recognize the walls and realize I'm at Sam's. I snuggle back into the covers wishing for more sleep. Someone groans and puts their arm around me. I nearly jump out of my skin. I turn to see Alex lying beside me. In the same room. In the same bed. I let out a small shriek. Downstairs I hear someone laugh. Jay. I get out of bed and try to calm my heart unsuccessfully. I run my fingers through my hair as I walk down the steps. Jay and Sam sit at the table with my grandmother. Jay swirls around the liquid in his cup and tries to hide his smile.
"Sleep well?" He asks mischievously. I glare at him.
"Very funny," I retort. He laughs and I instantly know it was his idea to put us in the same bed. I frown and he takes a swallow of the liquid. I take a closer look and notice its a clearish yellowish color. Apple juice maybe? I thought vampires only fed on blood but I could be wrong.
"Want some?" Jay questions. I guess he caught me staring at it funny. I nod. It can't be that bad right? He walks over to the fridge and pours me a glass.
"So how's Alex this morning?" Jay asks as he sets the glass on the table. I glare at him. Again. He puts his hands up in defeat. My grandmother pulls out another syringe filled with the same thick white liquid.
"Well he's due for another one of these," she sighs. Sam turns away.
"Drink," Jay orders. I lift the glass to my mouth and smell it. It smells sour and my gut feeling tells me not to drink it.
"What is that?" I ask my grandmother trying to cover up the fact that I don't want to drink what Jay gave me.
"This?" My grandmother asks holding up the syringe. I nod. 
"Swhat you've been livin off of for the past couple days," Jay responds slurring his words. He points to cup and nods. 
"It's a substitute for blood but it also speeds up the healing process," Sam explains. My eyes widen. Alex must be so bad that he needs something to help his vampiric powers. I lean on the table heavily suddenly tired. Jay's hands catch me and sit me upright. 
"Drink it," he orders again. I slouch against his grip. I feel as though I can't move anymore. He picks up the cup and puts it to my lips against my will. I lose control and Jay pours the liquid down my throat. It burns my throat and I scream loudly. Jay picks me up and carries me back upstairs. I still scream because the pain in my throat is unbearable. It feels as though hot sauce has been poured down my raw throat. As though its being ripped out. Jay lays me on the bed and holds me down by my shoulders. Alex winces beside me as my grandmother shoots him with the white liquid. I thrash around wildly trying to break Jay's grip.
"How do I stop her?" Jay questions. My grandmother shrugs her shoulders. Jay lets go and I claw at my throat trying to get rid of the pain. I see Alex open his eyes and I know he's fighting the medicine. His eyes flicker and he glares at me. I can tell he's struggling. 
"Stop," he says, his voice no more than a whisper. He reaches over and grabs my hand strongly. His grip never falters despite the fact that he was drugged. I calm down. Not because I want to. Because as long as Alex is fighting off the medicine then I can fight off the pain.
"What'd you do to me," I gasp, fighting for breath. Alex's grip tightens incredibly and I exhale loudly. Jay hangs his head.
"I'm sorry. I'm sorry I have to do this to you," he apologizes. I scream again as Jay holds me down again. Alex lets go. 
"Don't," he warns Jay. I see pain in his eyes and it's not from his injury. Jay ignores him and pulls out a knife. I'm so past scared at this point that I don't even scream. Jay pauses to take in the pain in my face but then stabs his wrist hard. Black blood pours out of his wrist but I don't feel the need to have it. Maybe it's only Alex's blood. Jay shoves his wrist in my mouth and his blood runs through my mouth. It energizes me and I suddenly have the urge to fight. To break free. Jay's blood is extremely...what. The only way I can describe it is hyper. His blood is hyper, it runs through me over excitedly. My heart beats faster and a million things run through my head. Alex grabs my hand again.
"No," he whispers hoarsely. That does it. His voice stops all those thoughts. I'm not sure why. Jay takes my other hand and puts the knife to it. He slices my hand deeply right across my palm. He pulls down the covers on Alex and I notice he's not wearing a shirt. Jay presses my hand to Alex's chest. Right on his mark. All the energy from before leaves and I suddenly feel weak. I feel my energy flow into Alex. He groans softly and places his hand on mine. My stomach growls as if I'm hungry. For real food. I try to lift my hand away but I can't.  I'm having a hard time breathing. It feels like someone squished the air out of my lungs. I feel Alex trying to pry my fingers off his mark. I can't do it anymore. I'm so drained I can't even say anything. Jay shakes me to stop me but I can't let go. Through my half opened eyes I see Jay shouting something at me. I turn my head to Alex with the last of my energy. He's still lying down although I can tell he's better. Knowing that I close my eyes thinking I can peacefully sleep. All sound has been muted so I open my eyes one last time to see what's going on. Alex is leaning over me holding my hand. I see can he's upset. Jay sits in a chair beside the bed shaking his head in defeat. I look back at Alex. His gaze has hardened and he starts giving me CPR. 
"Alex," I breath. He stops a second to brush the hair for my face. My skin is deathly pale and freezing cold. Alex resumes giving me CPR but I put my hand on his arm and smile. It's a pitiful smile but I get the message through. He stops and I fight for breath once again. Jay puts his arm around Alex but he shakes it off. I close my eyes. A peaceful death. I want to give in. Knowing I saved Alex will let me die peacefully. Even if he is a jerk.
"I love you," Alex's voice comes into my head as a whisper. My heart stops but I fight for it. I need to live now. The covers are pulled up and I think Sam comes up. The window shatters. The door slams shut and I hear screams. I can hear again.
"Dakota," Alex's voice comes out above them all. It sounds like a battle cry. Hands rip the covers away and handcuff me. I open my eyes and see them all. Sam, Jay, my grandmother and Alex. All handcuffed, all with cloths in they're mouths. I open my mouth but a cloth is shoved in. Something, I'm not sure there are at least 20 of them, all dressed in black and they take us away. We are put in black vans and driven away. I lean against Alex's shoulder as they drive us to who knows where. I'm still to weak to talk but that's okay because we all have cloths in our mouths anyway. The van lurches to a stop and the black creatures open up the back to get us out. Wherever we are it's dark. They shove us all in the same room and take away our cloths. I lean heavily on Alex and he supports me with his shoulder. I realize we're in a jail cell. No one else says anything and we all sit in silence until the black creatures throw 4 more vampires in. 2 females and 2 males. I stare at the one with bright blond hair and vibrant teal eyes. He stares defiantly at the wall. He must not know the others or else he just doesn't want to talk to them. I look over at the muscular female with red hair. Her green eyes are dull and she seems to be a loner too. The other two a black haired female and the male with deep brown hair sit right next to each other and I know they are together. The door opens one more time and a tall man that strongly resembles  Alex with blond hair gets shoved in the room. Alex hisses loudly when he comes to sit beside me.
"Whoa Alex nice to see ya again bro," he says. I almost laugh the new vampire sways as though he's drunk and holds his hand out to shake mine. I stand unsteadily and Alex catches me. He stands with me. I grab the vampire's hand and shake it.
"Dakota, I've heard so much about you," he says. I throw a questioning glance at Alex but he shrugs his shoulders.
"Well I might as well introduce everyone. I'm Shawn, your Dakota and that's Alex," he says the others just nod. He turns to the other side where the rest of us are sitting. He points to them questioningly.
"Jay," Jay says with a nod. Sam, who's sitting next to him, rolls her eyes but I can tell she's scared.
"Sam," she replies. 
"Amanda," my grandmother introduces herself cheerily. The lady next to her, the black haired one speaks up.
"My name is Sabrina and this is Luke," she says gesturing to the guy beside her. I smile at her because she seems so nervous. The red head turns to glare at us.
"Jane," she sighs as she rolls her eyes. I have an odd feeling her and Sam will get along well.
"Dylan," the blond guy says shortly without turning away from the wall. I sigh he could at least be a little friendly. The wall slides away revealing metal bars that are cold and unfriendly. Alex walks up to bars and slams his fists against them. He mumbles something under his breath that I'd rather not repeat and then starts to pace in front of the bars. Shawn mutters something I don't catch and then slides down to sit next to Sam. I give up and sit down next to him. Alex paces and occasionally pounds his fists against the bars. I watch him as do all the others until we get bored. Why are we here? I almost ask Alex because he certainly seems to know but I stop myself. He seems so stressed. I look over at Dylan who has a smug look on his face. His arms are crossed and he looks as though he's been here once or twice. Or three times. A guard comes to the door and shoves Alex over. He back on his feet in an instant and he grabs the guard by his throat. He pulls the guard right up against the bars and growls. That's when I feel it. The heat. It's radiating off Alex. That explains the short temper, violence, and other jerk like things he's done. I realize that if I don't stop him he's actually going to kill the guard. Alex bites the guard in the neck and I hear him sigh in delight. He must have been pretty bad to become that...violent. The guard slumps against the bars but Alex doesn't stop. Seeing Alex suck the guard, who is a vampire makes me thirsty. Not good. The guard falls limp against Alex's grip and he lets go. Alex sighs and rests his head against the jail bars. He's breathing heavily I can tell.
"Sorry," he mutters to everyone else.
"Ya done," Dylan retorts bitterly. Alex spins around so fast I can't believe he's still on his feet.
"I said I was sorry," Alex snaps at him. Dylan's on his feet now. I have an odd thought that Dylan is just trying to pick a fight but I don't dare tell Alex that.
"Look if you can't control your thirst then you're just putting us all in danger," Dylan says with a glimmer of amusement in his eyes.
"You really want to go there," Alex yells. Dylan grabs my arm roughly and puts me between him and Alex. I feel his lips reach my neck. 
"Don't," Alex's voice softens. Dylan's fangs dig into my neck sharply. Blood oozes out of my neck and into his mouth. He's hit a deep vein I know this because my neck cramps each time he takes another mouthful. I lean on him heavily. He pauses a second. Alex grips Dylan's arm tightly.
"Let go," Dylan warns. Alex stares defiantly into Dylan's eyes but lets go.
"Good, now I can finish my meal," he smiles mischievously as he resumes sucking my blood. I see a fire light in Alex's eyes and one second he's standing still and the next he's throwing himself at Dylan. He lets go of me and stumbles backward. Alex punches him in the face a few times before Dylan regains his senses and throws Alex off. Alex hits the wall hard and he barely has time to take a breath before Dylan is at his side. No one else does anything to stop them. I grab Dylan's arm and fling him to the other side of the cell.
"Stop," I growl. Dylan smiles with a flicker of amusement in his eyes. Alex glares at him harshly.
"He bit you," Alex says spitting out each word as if it's poison in his mouth. 
"You bit the guard," Dylan points out. Alex cracks his knuckles and Dylan smiles. To Alex, Dylan's smile says 'whatcha gonna do bout it'. I roll my eyes.
"Stop. Just stop," I yell. That does it. At least ten guards come to the door and I sigh.
"Who sucked this guard dry?" One guard asks. Alex and Dylan are too busy having a stare down and no one else claims it. Well don't everybody jump at once. I take a deep breath.
"I did," I say shakily. Alex's eyes widen and Dylan's smile grows.
"No I did," Jay interrupts.
"It was me," Sabrina says as she stands. The guards take her out and shove her down the hallway. I hear a scream and Luke wipes his tears. She's dead. Because of Alex. Because of Dylan. Because of me. We are all silent. Even Dylan. Out of respect. Out of fear.

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